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6th January 2017


# 4 clubs, 3 clubs, 60 minutes

Rented a badminton court again. Got the whole hall for myself, again. :) Remembered to bring music this time, but started without it.

Warm up

4 clubs:
Fountain, doubles
53 once and back to fountain, took more attempts than I would have liked it to, but all right. Guess I have not done that in a couple of weeks.
534534 and back to fountain

Failed the 53 with the 3 as a backcross today

3 clubs:
531 OK. Didn't count but got a decent run, though not my best.
55113 with the second 1 behind my back
1up 360: Pirouettes had better balance today than last time (maybe thanks to some advice I got from another juggler through Facebook). My triples were worse, though. Usually overspun. Drop rate probably about the same as last time. Got 3 or 4 successful rounds.

423 with the 3 as a backcross didn't work well today, though I got it twice and back to cascade a few times.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Norrtälje Sportcentrum

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