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13th March 2018

Stephen Meschke

# April Fools, 1 minutes

Working on April Fools Video:

The idea is VR JUGGLING LESSON. This is a series of videos where the user downloads the videos and watches them in a vr headset. The videos explain basic tricks. After a trick is shown several times, the person wearing the VR headset mimes the actions of the juggler in the video, except without the juggling balls. After watching the trick and miming the trick, the person takes the VR headset off and tries to preform the trick with juggling balls.

I have been watching Wes Peden and Gatto 6 club videos in VR. Technique is clearly displayed, and VR has a higher effective resolution than traditional video. VR is a promising possibility for teaching skills like juggling, hand tool use, tying knots, etc... VR is a good teaching tool for any skill that requires a lot of manual dexterity.

So why is this a joke?

Spoiler: I can juggle with my eyes closed!

I am going to pretend to be a beginner juggler. I will play the video where I put on the VR headset and then:

*This part is the joke. Normally, the person learning juggling would wear the VR headset while watching the trick and miming the trick, but take the VR headset off before preforming the trick with juggling balls.

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Linux

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