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13th March 2018


# 4b, 5b, 7b, 80 minutes

warm-up. then usual.

actually, today I dedicated a little time to start working on a trick i saw posted here a few weeks back.
it was a video by mike moore, and the trick the sprung cascade.
so i started with 2 balls, getting the idea of the synched 1's and 3's (actually 2x and 6x in notation), then with 3 balls like this: (6x,2x)(2x,6x)(0,2x)*. so...

any ideas for developing this trick are welcome ;)

7b-flash: some good throws, drawing the pattern in the air, but still unable to catch 'em all.
7b-cascade: some good rounds, only... I hate my new beanbags!
I sawed them myself, with kindda shitty results. gonna spend some money in a decent set of russian balls, smaller than the ones i've got. we don't have many juggling equipement vendors in argentina, so it's not allways sure you can find what you want.. but... i guess this i'm going to find.

7bmax: 5

Total practice time: 80 minutes

Location: home

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