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7th March 2018


# 5b, 7b, 75 minutes

warm-up, then usual.

making progress. getting used to my new beanbags. while i'm allready using them, I'm sawing new ones, a little bigger and with a little more filling.
couldn't break yesterday's mark, but i was expecting it. allways after a triumphant practice day, comes a lousy one... curious, huh?

5b-cascade working on throwing lower and wider, with low crossing point. helps my 7b.
7b-flash: some good 5 & 6's, once i allmost caught 'em all... one slipt..
7b-cascade getting there... now it's just patience, patience, patieeeence.....

7bmax: 5

Total practice time: 75 minutes

Location: home

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