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19th January 2018


# PracticeLikeAnthony, 60 minutes

Day 13 of trying to practice using the same method Anthony Gatto did. See my forum post for details of what this involves and my rationale for wanting to do it:
It was a better juggling day in Amersham today, in that there were no hail storms! I made myself make a token effort to pack for skiing before I started practicing. This amounted to putting a collection of clothes on a bed, some of which I may pack tomorrow.
Warm up: Did all the moving about with a balance stuff, all three balance points. 5 balls with a balance went very well today. Feeling nice and relaxed, got 60+ on a few runs.
Mills warm up was fine, and then 5 ball mills went well. I think I threw 36 in one run? Also did a 1 up 4 up multiples into 5 ball mills which was fun.
Pirouettes went very well today.. 3 ups out of 5 felt good, linked two together. I also landed the 3 up with one extra high, spin, two more up, spin trick. I really need a shorter name for this trick! I guess it’s a 2 stage 720? Maybe I’ll just call it that. Hopefully neither of the two people who read this log will take issue with that name.
5 ups feeling very very nice. I landed 8 out of my strong side in 3 minutes.I then got some out of my weak side in some amount of time (didn’t count exactly). Didn’t quite feel nice enough to try linking.
5 ball siteswaps:
20 rounds of 744 linked to a 3 up.
20 rounds of 645 to linked to a 3 up.
10 rounds of 663
10 rounds of 753
94444 felt reasonable again. I got 4 rounds thrown but not back to pattern. I tried the new 9447700 360 that Lewis showed me. I got it out of both hands.
97531 felt good. I got 5 rounds back to pattern once. New record! Yay! Also did 2 rounds linked to a 97522 360. Now I can be in those videos where loads of 10 year olds stand in a row and do this trick simultaneously at the WJF.
(8x,4)(4,4)* was feeling fine, 10 rounds back to pattern I think.
6 ball async was feeling a bit lethargic, kept getting to 70 catches and colliding.
I tried a few 6 ball siteswaps briefly. 9555 felt reasonable, although my 5s were higher than my 6s in the base pattern. This probably shouldn’t be the case.
I tried 8844 a few times and a 4 up. Both felt challenging up manageable, didn’t manage to get back to a stable pattern though.
I threw b97531 for jokes, but then actually all came back to my hands. I probably made 6-8 throws after, but got too excited at the prospect of landing it and dropped.
Got 80+ catches of sync. Landed the transition a few times.
I kicked up from 5 to 6 a couple of times to a stable pattern.
Got 12 ish rounds of 771 back to pattern in my allocated minute (66 entry 661 exit).
I forgot to do 77772, will do tomorrow.
7 balls: 50 catches in one run! Yes! I’m definitely getting better. Going to get a mega run tomorrow, mark my words!
5 ball backcrosses were good today. I got 4 in a row back to pattern! Woop!
5 ball half shower with backcross. Feeling dodgy, not sure why I bother with this trick.
6 ball half shower. I felt tired, not sure I got much over 60.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Amersham

Comments (4)
Heydar - I would call it a 3 up 2 stage 720...
CameronFord - Ok, that will now be what I call it :)
7b_wizard - Make it three people who read it. I mostly skip over your results, but suck up the "howto"-parts like e.g. your bx over the shoulder problem, or "focus on this or that" stuff, technique and e.g. looking up-down for 663.
CameronFord - Ah, I'm glad there are more people than I though reading it :)