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16th January 2018


# PracticeLikeAnthony, 60 minutes

Day 11 of trying to practice using the same method Anthony Gatto did. See my forum post for details of what this involves and my rationale for wanting to do it:
I woke up in Leeds after a great weekend and after breakfast with my friend John I got on a train to London. It’s going to be tight to make it back in time for an hour of juggling before I start tutoring, but Anthony Gatto never missed a practice session because he had to tutor maths (probably) and neither will I! I got back to Amersham just in time and it’s perfect conditions, no wind, not too cold, still light
Warm up: Did all the moving about with a balance stuff, all three balance points. 5 balls with a balance went reasonably well today, got 45 ish catches a few times. I think I have 50 as a mental barrier/target in my head and I get excited when I get near it and then drop. Not sure why, I’ve got over 50 before. I’m sure I’ll get it soon.
Mills warm up was fine, and then 5 ball mills went well. I got 30+ catches in one run and I kicked up from 4 to a relatively stable feeling 5 twice or so.
Pirouettes went very well today, tried to really focus on technique with the 3 ball stuff. 3 ups out of 5 felt good, linked two together.
5 ups feeling very very nice. I landed 7 out of my strong side in 2 and a half minutes and then 3 out of my weak side in a minute. Makes me think my weak side isn’t actually that weak and I should practice it more
5 ball siteswaps:
40 rounds of 744 to drop.
20 rounds of 645 linked to a bad 3 up attempt, which I didn’t land
663 felt pretty nice today! I think I’ve been doing the 6s way lower than I should. I got 12+ rounds a few times.
753 got 12 rounds.
94444 felt good again. I got 4 rounds thrown but not back to pattern. I tried the new 9447700 360 that Lewis showed me. I got it out of both hands.
97531 felt fine. 2 rounds back to pattern, starting out of both hands. Tried for a few longer runs but it wasn’t happening.
(8x,4)(4,4) got 10 rounds back into (6x,4) first time.

I smashed my 6 ball async record! 208 catches, woo! I was tempted to collect at 200, maybe I should have so it was clean rather than to drop. This feels like a big milestone for me, I felt very focused and managed to scoop nicely so there weren’t any collisions. Some wandering, but you can’t have it all.
Got 80+ catches of sync. Landed the transition a few times.
I kicked up from 5 to 6 a couple of times to a stable pattern.
Got 12 ish rounds of 771 back to pattern in my allocated minute (66 entry 661 exit). I tried the 773 entry but it felt a bit weird.
I got maybe 8 rounds of 77772. I would have spent longer if I had more time
7 balls: Around 35 catches in one run I think. A few nice runs.
5 ball backcrosses were sweet today. 3 in a row back to pattern, starting out of both sides. Might get a flash to and from pattern soon!
5 ball half shower with backcross. Feeling fairly nice today, I got 3 alternating normal throws and backcross throws.
6 ball half shower. Another new record! 125!

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Amersham

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