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12th January 2018


# PracticeLikeAnthony, 60 minutes

Day 7 of trying to practice using the same method Anthony Gatto did. See my forum post for details of what this involves and my rationale for wanting to do it:
Woke up early ish (by my standards) so that I had time to practice before getting the train to Leeds. Then got distracted by booking flights to Germany so was running short of time. This may or may not have made me forget some fairly essential items which I am now having to buy in Leeds.
Warm up: Did all the moving about with a balance stuff, all three balance points. 5 balls with a balance went reasonably well today, got 40 catches.
Mills warm up was fine, and then 5 ball mills went ok. I got over 20 catches once.

Pirouettes went very well today, tried to really focus on technique with the 3 ball stuff. 3 ups out of 5 felt good, but didn’t link two together.
5 ups feeling very nice. I got four in my time, nearly 5. I am pleased with my progress on this trick. I’m only practicing out of my strong hand at the moment though. I should probably change this, especially if I want to link 2 together some day.
5 ball siteswaps:
744 felt great today, I got 50 rounds, linked to a 3 up, back to pattern
15 rounds of 645 back to pattern
663 felt a bit dodgy, as usual, I got 10 rounds, back to pattern though.
753 got 10 rounds.
94444 felt good again. I got 4 rounds back to pattern.
97531 felt good too. 2 rounds back to pattern, starting out of both hands. Nearly got 4 rounds back to pattern a few times.
(8x,4)(4,4) got 10 rounds back to pattern
80+ catches to 6 ball async, and 60+ of sync.
I landed the transition a few times.
I kicked up from 5 to 6 a couple of times to a stable pattern.Got 12 ish rounds of 771 back to pattern in my allocated minute (66 entry 661 exit).

7 balls: Around 30 catches in a couple of runs, not amazing.
5 ball half shower with backcross. Felt ok today, I got 3 alternating.
6 ball half shower. I think I got 80 catches in a few runs but nothing over 100.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Amersham

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