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11th January 2018


# PracticeLikeAnthony, 60 minutes

Day 6 of trying to practice using the same method Anthony Gatto did. See my forum post for details of what this involves and my rationale for wanting to do it:
Went to the Camden juggling club yesterday evening, was a lot of fun passing with James. I was amused that he said he hadn’t done any proper passing for ages and then suggested we start with 789 as the first pattern we did. Got back to Amersham, a bit damp on the ground and gloomy, but not raining and not too windy, so was able to juggle outside.
Warm up: Did all the moving about with a balance stuff, all three balance points. 5 balls with a balance went reasonably well today, got around 50 catches.
Mills warm up was fine, and then 5 ball mills went ok. Maybe got over 20 catches once- it’s ok but just feels like you need to be really accurate with this trick to get it to run. Might ask some people who can do it for some tips.

Pirouettes went very well today, tried to really focus on technique with the 3 ball stuff. Making sure I finished throwing before spinning and bringing my arms into my body when I span. 3 ups out of 5 felt good, linked two together once, I think.
5 ups feeling very nice. This is a trick which has definitely benefitted from being done for a couple of minutes every day. Landed four in my allocated time, but lots of other plausible looking attempts where I just fumbled the first one or something. Feeling positive about this.

5 ball siteswaps:
10 rounds of 744 back to pattern and then 30sh rounds to drop, I think.
20 rounds of 645 back to pattern
663 felt nice ish, for 663, for 10 rounds back to pattern.
753 got 10 rounds back to pattern.
94444 felt good again. Got a round straight into a 3 up 360. I also got 4 rounds back to pattern.
97531 felt good too. 2 rounds back to pattern, starting out of both hands. Nearly got 4 rounds back to pattern a few times.
(8x,4)(4,4) got 6 rounds back to pattern, felt nice.

Got 110 ish catches of 6 balls async. Felt really nice, I was just focussing on avoiding collisions, my attention didn’t wander at all which it sometimes does. Got 80+ catches of sync. Landed the transition a few times. The kick up from 5 to 6 was feeling really nice today, got into a stable pattern a bunch of times.
Got 12 ish rounds of 771 back to pattern in my allocated minute (66 entry 661 exit)
7 balls: Around 40 catches in one run I think. Pleased with how it’s feeling, optimistically waiting for a record breaking run at some point, maybe in the next week.
Landed 2 5 ball backcrosses back to pattern starting out of both hands. Main problem is getting them to come over my shoulder rather than having to reach back for them.
5 ball half shower with backcross. Feeling pretty good. I don’t have the same problem here as I do for 5 ball backcross, instead it’s that it comes to central, almost crossing back to the hand that threw it. Will try and fix this tomorrow.
6 ball half shower. Got over 100 catches again, possibly 110. It’s feeling very nice, almost like 5 ball half shower now in terms of how relaxed I am rather than battling against it.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Amersham

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