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3rd December 2017


# 5 ball tricks, 5prop mix, #newDatachart, 335 minutes

[ daily7b II: 0 ]

90' + 90' - 5b rev casc - 72 (17'), 73, 72 cl, 97, 71 cl, 89, 91 cl, 81, 73, 118 (70'), .. all smooth patterns and ado so far; good, relaxed flow and mindset; good technique, scoopin' well; aiming and focus on the top are a bit nebulous, inconsistent, unstable and could be better, clearer, .. //5'//, 73, 79, 73 cl, 73, .. lost my pattern a bit now, .. 83, 88, 73, 73 throws.


15' - 5 prop mix, 4b1c - 8, 11, 8 rounds' runs.

more - 90' + 50' - 5b rev casc - Prokofief from here, 81, .. switched off P'fief - a bit nervous as a music, .. //20'//, 85, 75, 113 throws. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 118 ]

edit, 5,12,2017: #newDatachart 5b-progress: I've had the presumedly perfect pattern a lot now, got it rolling utterly relaxed, know how it feels, there's not much more to tune, no necessary changes, apt techniques to find, I've had horrendous / terrific bail outs from completely rotten, distorn patterns of all kinds (too narrow, or horribly spread, or halfshowered, too low, five columns not even in a plane, anything, ..) back to stable, ..
.. all i need is to stay settled and seize control, now ..
.. in long and very long runs - when attention gets dim - it sometimes happens, that a few throws instinctively still start to feel lefty, circling wrong way round, again (like they used to when learning), and I will then omit circling well to the outside and haste with little scoop (but mostly I can get that well and do speedy correction throws the right way from outside) - a finetuning issue.
It's now all about doing well also in ``bored┬┤┬┤, endured, relaxed "rollin' on"-mode, that now needs some more automizing and simply more practise until it feels absolutely familiar also without concentrating a lot. But also about finding into the good pattern sooner within a stint. And about getting more good phases, and not so many long bad ones and bad days. Getting it safe.
It makes sense to track this in a datachart. (especially from now on, but editing also all old entries is to compare to last winter's level, and also to make it a whole story.)

Total practice time: 335 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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