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2nd December 2017


# 5 ball tricks, #psychologic, #efficiency, #structuredPractise, #reflecting, #technique, #endupatt, 156 minutes

[ daily7b II: 0 ]

60' + 30' + 66' - 5b rev casc - 73 (30'), 76 (50'), 73, 73 cl, 71 cl, //5'//, 73 cl, 73 cl, //20'//, 72, 77 cl, 71 cl, 74 cl, 71, 93, /*, 93 throws. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 93 ]
/* - had not been scooping wide enough (got columns, several collisons), and also didn't focus on pattern's top well - not that I wouldn't have tried all the time .. simply didn't manage, it didn't work. - Guess, I was too much fixed on doing relaxed, gettin' the easiest way, with smaller pattern, thus smaller hand movements, thus smaller scoop, yet doing on good height, so, getting too narrow patterns. - Varying patterns a bit would have found that out earlier!? Also more awarely reflecting what kept me stuck at 73 throws would've. ( but, doing "easiest", which is imo an optimal way to practise, I never got the idea, there might be anything else that could improve my practise ) - More precisely: daring to free and move the arms, the elbows out wider a bit, instead instinctively keeping the pattern near with me (and trying to scoop more, but with arms stuck to the body), is the thing.

Total practice time: 156 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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