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29th November 2017


# teaching, 1 minutes

Helped K with throwing and catching one club.

Then went straight to teaching passing (since, well, he couldn't juggle 3 balls)

Starting with 3 clubs, always throwing to the empty hand.
Then still 3 clubs, but me starting with one club, throwing to K who had one club in each hand and thus had to throw to me to catch.
Then 4 clubs, still me starting. We got 4 catches once or twice. His throws were often low, though, sometimes zaps rather than regular passes, and mine were not always perfect either. I'm used to juggling mostly with people taller than me, and K was significantly shorter (well, he is, like, 8 years old or something like that...) so I blame inexperience of passing with children.

It was fun for about 15 minutes, for me, K was still interested though so we kept going for about 10 more minutes.

Tried to get him to try juggling balls (or, well, at least a 2 ball exchange) but he didn't seem that interested in balls. Can't blame him, clubs are more fun, but I think learning to juggle 3 balls would be good if he actually wants to learn juggling. Don't know if he does though, or if he was just playing.

Tried passing with balls, too, for a few minutes. Then went back to playing with clubs (he with 1, me with 1-3 clubs). He asked me how to do some stuff (like, thumb roll and kick-up) and I tried to show him.

About 30-40 minutes in total.

So... If I see him again after Christmas, anyone has some nice, easy-ish tricks to teach an 8-year-old who can't juggle?

Total practice time: 1 minutes

Location: Kvisthamraskolan (Cirkus Mani)

Comments (2)
7b_wizard - Maybe put one club on the head and balance it a second just long enough to let it fall in the right direction; then learn to catch it; then with two clubs and a "1" before catching.
7b_wizard - .. walk while passing (4c, one walks backwards), .. double spins, .. do a pirouette, .. siamese.