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10th November 2017


# 5 ball tricks, #mentec, #focus, #endupatt, #ThinkAs, 3 ball tricks, 166 minutes

Too rainy, overcast, grayish-darkish, cold, windy outdoors. [ daily7b II: 0 ]

12' - 3b elroll-takes - got upto five or six in a row in a two-count. It's not as presumed yesterday a 423 variation, but indeed maintaining crossing throws(?), the cascade(?), a ``three-beat-all´´(?), (but it's unclear how to fit that roller into s'swap notation).

1' - 3b 524RO13 - fluent (but sometimes a few back to cascade throws in between).

153' - 5b rev casc - started with short controlled runs to find into an endurable pattern - 73 (12'), 99 cl (30'), 109 (60'), 93 cl, 89, 79 cl, 71, [ #mentec #focus #endupatt #ThinkAs ] tried throwing over the whole pattern into the middle upto here, but from now on aiming along the steep sides of an imagined trapezium (with shared flightpoint very high up there somewhere), thus throwing angles with portionned thrust in the first place, only then with secondary focus on right height, 77 cl, 83, 79 cl, 71, 90, 71 cl, 75, 74 throws longest runs. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 109 ]

Total practice time: 166 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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