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9th November 2017


# 3 ball tricks, 25 minutes

Had no plan, just "juggle" (sth easy with few or no drops, sth fun). Started off with cascade, open for whatever would cross my mind .. it turned out:

15' - 3b backhandclaws ( between index and ringfinger on the back of the middlefinger ) - thrown back to pattern as reverse. Did them in a four-count (swaying out\\in) for about over 50 throws.

10' - 3b `elroll-takesĀ“(? dunno how to call this) = cascade -- roll a caught ball to the wrist/forearm/el -- allthewhile catching and rethrowing next without dropping the still rolling one -- take the rolling ball with the other hand reaching over and throwing it as column, guess it's a 423-variation - could soon do half a dozen of them in a row in a six-count, two in a row in a four- or two-count. Speedy stuff using half-beats.

Total practice time: 25 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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