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5 balls, 7 balls, #season, #whatIwant, #improvement, #structuredPractise, #efficiency, 85 minutes

°yay°, I'm back to the internet °yippie°, hi again everyone :o)
have meanwhile been doing some 3b blindfold with upto over 300 catches, intending to get 250-300 within like 15 mins, then to vary width and height and the front plane, but not in order to endure very much more, but as a "good-for" 5b blind, for practise of the latter to make more sense (instead failing 99,99%).
Have upgraded 3b2c propmix to 2b3c; hard, a chaos at first, but now getting upto 4 rounds (about once per stint), several times 3 per stint. I guess, full focus on throwing and spinning well, not caring about any catching, but hoping for it to come fully automized, gave that slight improvement. I'm pushing this, sacrificing almost all the 5b enduring stints and even upto all of 5b rev time that I used to do, in order to get out of failing so much most the time.
For 7b, got a few \several runs over 60 and about twice over 70 throws, which is pretty good for winter with like four (T-)/shirts on.


5b casc varied - ~10 min. ___ 9-high throwing has gotten better, can keep a few rounds up and can walk back and forth with 9-high now. Can now regularly slowly step\pivot 360° upto twice either way around, once each normal high, plus once each 7-high.
7b casc - ~75 min. ___ 51, 41, 57 throws' longest runs. [ daily7b III: 57 ]

5prop mix, 5 ball tricks, 3 balls, #blind, 146 minutes

120' - 5prop mix 2b3c ( tinyclubs, doubles ) - Two times 3 rounds clean. Into 4th round to collapse.

5' - 5b rev casc - longest: 179 throws. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 179 ]

8' + 13' - 3b blindfold - 154. 149. (throws max)

Total practice time: 231 minutes

Locations: concrete area among fields, indoors low ceiling

Comments (2)
Orinoco - Welcome back! I was wondering where you'd got to!
7b_wizard - Thanks!! :o) ( also for noticing, I wasn't there for a while lol it was just my hd down and fromout a smalltown it takes a while to find 2nd-hand new machine) still Alive and Kickin'