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passing, 60 minutes

(With J and U)
Phoenician Waltz

passing, 30 minutes

(With J)

passing, 75 minutes

(With S and J)
726 About

10c feed 2-count/4-count with walking

passing, 60 minutes

(With C)
Jim's asynchronous ppsps with flips

Workshop: 7c 5-count patterns with zips
We only tried the first pattern, hhzhd (88892) and soon removed the zip by doing ssshd (68696)

Funky Bookends

passing, 90 minutes

J was preparing a workshop so we went through the patterns.

(With J, J and S)
Rotating Y
Boxy I Y
Seattle Shuffle

(With J, J, S and R)
Feast/Boston circle, with vanilla/strawberry/bananas options (4-count, 2 of four, 3 of four, all passes)

Hand feast, 4-count, 3-count, 1-count (Not for the workshop)

Total practice time: 315 minutes

Location: Krelingen

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