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3 clubs, 5 minutes

Warm up

passing, 70 minutes

(With C)

(With C and C)
10c Bruno's Nightmare

passing, 50 minutes

(With J and J)
Phoenician Waltz

passing, 50 minutes

(With N)
96677 (pdsps) didn't work
pdsps vs parsnip
96677 again, a little bit better now

passing, 30 minutes

Workshop: Siteswap roundabouts.
726 roundabout
What's that about (based on Why Not)

passing, 30 minutes

(With T)
Workshop: Hi-jacking in Why Not (5-count popcorn vs 5c Why Not, Funky Bookends vs parsnip)

Total practice time: 235 minutes

Location: Krelingen

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