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passing, 90 minutes

(With C and V)

(With C)
5-count popcorn
6-count popcorn (normal, lefthanded, or with crossing passes)

(With C, J and C)
Something C came up with, 2 people doing 3-count and the other two doing 6-count, all crossing doubles.(13 clubs)
The shooting star on doubles

passing, 30 minutes

(With G and J)
3-count triangle with an extra pass
Why Not feeding 5-count popcorn

passing, 60 minutes

Speed passing (including 96677, Techno, 972, Funky Bookends..)

passing, 50 minutes

(With S, J and R)
Seattle Shuffle
Seattle Shuffle in chocolate box/1-count

(With J and R)
10c feed 2-count/4-count

Total practice time: 230 minutes

Location: Krelingen

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