Stephen Meschke's practice log for 5th December 2018

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5th December 2018

Stephen Meschke

3-7 balls, 5 rings, 90 minutes

Did not feel well. I am sore from a major home improvement project. Ran 7 ball for 201 catches, which feels good.

Pr on 5 rings (29 catches) and 8x6 (11 catches).

vision research, 1 minute

Several people have expressed interest in my tracking software. Feels good. One person used the HSV color picker program to make a cool video about triangles. That's cool. Another person used Tracking_Colorspaces to track 3 ball cascade.

lissajous curve - looks exactly like a long exposure of a cascade pattern

Total practice time: 91 minutes

Locations: Gym, Linux

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