Maria's practice log for 11th March 2018

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11th March 2018


# 3 clubs, teaching, 15 minutes

Warm up

Helping J to learn club juggling

# 4 clubs, 90 minutes

Fountain, doubles. Got 200 catches, but no new PR.
534534 and back to fountain
5551 once and back to fountain. Spent a bit too much time on this and only got it once.
Kick-up from 3c cascade to 4c fountain, only did it once since I got it on the first attempt.
Sync fountain, doubles
53534 (only tried a few times)

# 3 clubs, 10 minutes

# passing, 60 minutes

(With S and T)
10c Bruno's Nightmare. After 45 minutes we finally got a full round! That's 63 beats, though only 62 throws per juggler. S had done it before, but not with me and T. (We have got a bit more than half a round together before). Happy! :D

(With S, T and C)
N-feed 2-count/4-count (With some tricks)
N-feed 2-count/4-count with an extra club

Total practice time: 175 minutes

Location: Södermalmsskolan (Fritidsjonglörerna)

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