Guili's practice log for 10th February 2018

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10th February 2018


# 5b, 7b, 90 minutes

getting kindda stuck.... reealy need a breakthrough.
I never expected this to be easy, but I'd love to get a 14-catches round or so...

7bmax: 5

Total practice time: 90 minutes

Location: home

Comments (9)
7b_wizard - Try to find what's hardest / most difficult / worst. Could be accurate first two throws, first weakhand throw, or the third throw hasted or the fourth throw (2nd weakhd) neglected. Then focus on getting that well. After that, again go for it.
7b_wizard - Even for only a flash, you can do in different ways just a bit and vary height speed, speediness of throwing movement (dwelltime), wristy versus rowing arms. Thereby already now ``calibrate´´ what will be your viable pattern up. Something will crystalize anyhow.
7b_wizard - ( jus' 50 cents )
Guili - hah, thanks man! just feeling droopy after a not-so-good session..
Guili - will take your advice, though.
Guili - i think the very first ball has a lot to do... i'm using 70mm hard balls, and it gets uncomfortable to even hold 4 in my hand, let alone throw accurately... so, yeah, if those first 2 or 3 throws aren't good, everything falls apart... gonna keep on trying!
7b_wizard - yeah, get those precious throws 8, 9, 10, a.s.o.! we all believe in you! :oD .. °oh wow° large hard balls - that's challenging!
Guili - thanks man! i WILL get it done!
Guili - also... you yhink i should get soft 60mm balls for this? I love my "bubbles", the way they fly, the way they look, the multiplexes look so much better than with those soft half-full balls... buuuuut... it's also harder.. right?