7b_wizard's practice log for 7th February 2018

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7th February 2018


# 5 ball tricks, 5prop mix, 225 minutes

[ daily7b II: 0 ]

15' - 5 prop mix, 4b1c - rounds: early 7 cl, another 7 almost, .. awkward, bad.

145' + 65' - 5b rev casc - 104 (@ 10' =early), 127 (@ 30'), 145, 108, struggling for fluent stable pattern now, trying to get it untensed, .. 103, 119, 151, .. better now, but still not relaxed, am rather behind pattern-speed, still reacting a lot instead having real control, .. 113, 102, 167, 117, 109, 144, 145, //15'//, 117, 102, 160, 125 throws runs longer than 100 throws. Didn't really get into collecting "blocks of five sets of 8 throws", actual endurance practise, only towards end a bit ( that i guess was still precious for having it at all ). [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 167 ] ( #chartread - four days near pr-level, .. but don't yet feel it granted calling this a "jump", a "breakthrough" on this pattern, due to still having many fails and fights below 100 throws and long difficult phases, .. so I gotta keep at it and may not reduce practise time on it too much, even though I'm very eager to do sth else regularly, daily )

After getting over 200 throws, I now can't numeralize my goal with 5b rev: for sure short-time confirm and get over 200 catches, which should happen in at most a few days. But then, I can't say, I want over 200 daily and secure, also not which pr I want, like above 250 or above 300, but I rather want a level, where I'm actually "enduring", where I can get into enduring in little time (not hours, like now currently) however many catches daily best or average or pr that might take. - Next landmark, however, are six blocks of five-sets of 8 throws = 30 sets of 8 throws = 240 throws, then see how long that will have taken and how I'll have improved by then ..

Total practice time: 225 minutes

Location: indoors low ceiling

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