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3 balls, #experimental, #focus, #otu, #technique, 3 ball tricks, 5 balls, 7 balls, 75 minutes

Radar looked like rain would stop soon, but didn't, so i stood under a small roofed area doing 3b.
3b cascade - ~20 min.   Had for a while been wanting to do this: find out exactly when the  c a t c h e s  happen: Like when pulling on the one end of a rope hanging with both ends over a branch, in order to uplift sth tied to its other end, I focussed on the downward movement of the catches imagining I'd be doing the other hand's upward throwing movement with that catch movement of catchhand. In other words: Doing / thinking the throw by the countermovement of the opposite catching hand.   It seemed like the / my throws - in the yet normal pattern - were a bit earlier than the catches, so it felt like for doing as described above, throwhand had to shortly wait, delay a few millisecs (until catchhand got its ball to pull down). Or else - in a higher, slower pattern - I had to catch later for also the throw in question to be later. But I might be completely wrong, as it's unusual and difficult to focus on the catchmovement + other hand's throw at the same time. I did get that clear feeling / impression of ``pulling´´ the throws up with the opposite catch though.   Interesting tweaks of dwelltime and I'm not through with finding out exactly what goes on there and how to use it.
Tried blind a bit, but got too many drops.
3b 52413 - ~20 min.   (4 thrown reachover, so it looks like ongoing cascade)   went well in spite of a few drops.
A few minutes of 3b "fastest", rev--rev--normal--normal.
5b endure - ~20 min.   219, 373 throws longest runs.
7b casc - ~8 min. ( rain had stopped, but it was darkish and didn't feel warmed up well )   A hearty 23 throws run with good focus and rolling well for those two periods was best I could get from scratch. ( rest were bad launches and blunders )   [ daily7b II: 23 ]

5 ball tricks, 185 minutes

115' + 70' - 5b rev casc - 93 (@ 25'), 91, 105, 97, 95 cl, 91, 99, 96, 109, 113, 109, 119, //10' break//, 95, 129 (fought for), 103, 103 cl, 101, 91, throws runs longer than 90 throws. [ 5b reverse cascade progress: 129 ]

Total practice time: 260 minutes

Locations: concrete area among fields, indoors low ceiling

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