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13th January 2018


# PracticeLikeAnthony, 60 minutes

Day 8 of trying to practice using the same method Anthony Gatto did. See my forum post for details of what this involves and my rationale for wanting to do it:
I’m in Leeds today with Cat, and we went to a lovely ruined abbey to practice. Lots of dogs and children walking past. According to one girl on a bike, we are both amazing. A bit windy at the start when I was doing the balance stuff, but pretty decent conditions overall.
Warm up: Did all the moving about with a balance stuff, all three balance points. 5 balls with a balance went reasonably well today, got 40 catches.
Mills warm up was fine, and then 5 ball mills went ok. Maybe got over 20 catches once- still waiting for a breakthrough with this one.

Pirouettes went very well today, tried to really focus on technique with the 3 ball stuff. 3 ups out of 5 felt good, linked two together once.
5 ups feeling very nice. I got four in my time, including the first one. I always get really excited when I land the first one and then expect to land the next 10 for some reason, which never happens, maybe one day.
5 ball siteswaps:
10 rounds of 744 back to pattern and then 30sh rounds to drop, I think.
20 rounds of 645 back to pattern
663 felt a bit dodgy, as usual, I got 10 rounds, not back to pattern though.
753 got 10 rounds.
94444 felt good again. I got 4 rounds thrown but not back to pattern.
97531 felt good too. 2 rounds back to pattern, starting out of both hands. Nearly got 4 rounds back to pattern a few times.
(8x,4)(4,4) got 8 rounds.

I think I broke my 6 ball async record! There was one point where I’m not sure if I added 10 on by mistake, but assuming I didn’t I got 130 catches. Cat was also counting and thinks I got 128, so I’m going to count it. Felt really nice, I was just focussing on avoiding collisions, my attention didn’t wander at all which it sometimes does.
Got 80+ catches of sync. Landed the transition a few times.
I kicked up from 5 to 6 a couple of times to a stable pattern, although I think there were lots of dogs walking past while I was trying this so I didn’t spend too long on it
Got 12 ish rounds of 771 back to pattern in my allocated minute (66 entry 661 exit).
I remembered the 77772 is a good warm up for 7 so I got 6 rounds to collect before trying 7.
7 balls: Around 30 catches in one run I think. Didn’t feel amazing, I kept going a bit longer than I should have because I wanted a nice run, not today though.
5 ball half shower with backcross. Feeling a bit inconsistent today. Got maybe 3 or 4 in the same run, but they weren’t falling into my hand I was moving around to catch them.
6 ball half shower. I think I got 80 catches in a few runs but nothing over 100.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds

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