Maria's practice log for 7th January 2018

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7th January 2018


# club balance, 2 minutes

Inspired by Cameron, I tried to spend only 1-3 minutes on each trick...

Balance, club on nose

# 3 clubs, 21 minutes

So, club stuff that can be done in the living room...

Warm up cascade
42 on singles (with occasional crossing throws to change hand)
Backcrosses, every third throw
Two backcrosses and back to cascade
Dips (flat front)
Head roll, one club practice worked well
Head roll, once in a cascade, right hand worked more often than not. With the left hand I only got it once.
Shoulderdrop/backdrop or whatever it's called... Once in a cascade.
441 (low singles)
4440441 (low singles)

# 4 clubs, 6 minutes

Fountain (singles)
Sync fountain (singles)

# mixed objects, 2 minutes

Ball, ring, club cascade. Sometimes did a straight throw to change the order of the props. A few drops.

Total practice time: 31 minutes

Location: Vardagsrummet

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