7b_wizard's practice log for 8th October 2017

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8th October 2017


# 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, 5 balls, 7b casc varied, 204 minutes

5b warmup div - 7 min.   In five attempts, didn't get an all up 180° (4 back to cascade throws + drop).   Cascade high, wristy, fast.
9b flashing - 50 min.   Four times 8 gathers.
7b casc - 130 min.   45, 45, 52, 47, 43 throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 52 ]
In between, just for a change, did some high patterns, and also tried to pull down from high to low. It went into an own stint of
  7b casc varied - ~+10 min. High + pull down - got one pulled down and up high again. Wide\\narrow - hard (but opened that dimension at least). Walking start (foreward or backwards - doesn't matter), then keep walking walk back 'n forth. Low fast patterns and head-high flashes.
5b fastest - 7 min.

Total practice time: 204 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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