Maria's practice log for 7th October 2017

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7th October 2017


# passing, 210 minutes

Passing 15 minutes
(With D)
Jim's 3-count
Why Not

Passing 80 minutes
(With A, A and M)
Scrambled V
(With A, A, M, D, ?, J and D)
3-count Feast
Combining 2 Rotating Y by turning the other way between rotations (changing which other pair of jugglers are in your Y)

Passing 35 minutes
(With C)
Workshop "Holy Grail Hybrids"
Combining two of the patterns 2.5p 2 3, 3.5p 3 1, and 4.5p 1 2; and transitions between them.

Passing 25 minutes
(With G, G and A)
Scrambled V

Passing 25 minutes
(With G and T)
Workshop Racoon variations, we didn't get to the variations in my group though, only the base pattern.

Passing 30 minutes
(With G, A and S)
N-feed, feedees doing some version of pps with hurries, sometimes crossing passes, and feeders doing 1-count. My sequence: self(R), crossing (L), straight (L), self (R), straight (L), straight (R), self (L), crossing (R), straight (R), self (L), straight (R), straight (L)

Total practice time: 210 minutes

Location: Seattle

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