Maria's practice log for 6th October 2017

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6th October 2017


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 15 minutes

# passing, 270 minutes

Passing 50 minutes
(With S)
75724 worked a bit better today (other passing partner too)
5888222, Ok.
5-count popcorn with tricks / variations

Passing 40 minutes
(With N)
Odnom, we got some decent rounds, probably better than I have done before
5-count popcorn with tricks/variations

Passing 55 minutes
(First with N and G, then with N and S)
Workshop Dolby 5.1 & 5.2, we never tried the 5.2 but got a full round of 5.1 in the end.

Passing 60 minutes
(With S)
(With S and D)
pps /3-count feed with walking

Passing 20 minutes
(With D)
Why Not

Passing 15 minutes
Workshop "The Cereal Series", I found it a bit boring

Passing 30 minutes
(With T)
7c 1-count
7c 2-count
7c 3-count
5-count popcorn

# ball passing, 25 minutes

Workshop 2 2p (playing around with patterns that contains that combination)

Total practice time: 310 minutes

Location: Seattle

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