Maria's practice log for 3rd October 2017

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3rd October 2017


# passing, 240 minutes

Passing 40 minutes
(With D)
Martins Mildness
Jim's asynchronous 2-count
Why Not (me doing Jim's asynchronous 2-count)

Passing 30 minutes
(With S)
Not Why

Passing 20 minutes
Workshop Scrambled V variations

Passing 30 minutes
(With D and A)
pps vs 3-count feed with walking

Passing 15 minutes
Workshop Simuls

Passing 20 minutes
(With D)
Why Not

Passing 45 minutes
(With M and S)
Workshop 3-count Roundabout variations

Passing 40 minutes
(With G)
Why Not
5-count popcorn

Total practice time: 240 minutes

Location: Seattle

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