Maria's practice log for 30th September 2017

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30th September 2017


# 3 clubs, 10 minutes

Warm up

# passing, 320 minutes

100 minutes passing:
Why Not (With A)
Why Not vs pdszs
Why Not feeding 5-count popcorn (me as feedee)
Scrambled V
pps/spp (4 jugglers)
W Feed 3-count vs pps

45 minutes passing (With C):
Funky Bookends
Vitoria ppssphh
zap zip zap zip zip flip heff (5224582)
zap heff zip zip heff heff zip

60 minutes passing:
Funky Bookends or Parsnip (depending on the feeder) feeding 3 jugglers doing 5-count popcorn (With C, N and G)
Trying to get a pattern that G thought he had figured out but it turned out not to work . (With N and G)
A little Roundabout

25 minutes passing:
(With C, N, P, A and B)
Shooting Star Roundabout (2 manipulators)

15 minutes passing:
(With C)
Pass self zap zap zip zip heff (7262585)
zap zip zap zip zip flip heff

45 minutes passing:
(With C)
1-count singles vs zaps, could get some passes when C did the zaps
5-count popcorn
(With S)
5-count popcorn (didn't work)
Why Not
Funky Bookends vs Parsnip (didn't work)
Techo (didn't work)
7c 2-count singles

30 minutes passing:
(With D)
(With D and ? )
Feed with feedees doing Jim's 3-count, not sure what the feeder did.

Total practice time: 330 minutes

Location: Portland

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