7b_wizard's practice log for 11th September 2017

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11th September 2017


# #conditions, 7 balls, 9 balls flashing, 7b casc varied, #exercises, #season, 123 minutes

Conditions near perfect.
9b flashing - 15 min.   Three times 7 gathers.   Short stint, meant mainly as preparation for 7b, which gave a slightly different (more sophisticated) mindset: do what I can and see what I get and focus rather on accurracy (not really "going for it" a lot).
7b casc - 96 min.   After a while without any notable long runs (didn't have any 9b-effect today), got a 51 throws' run, right before that, I had tried to - at about 27 t - pull a pattern down, that went well, but was a bit too high, but went into collapse. So, after that 51 t run, did a few exercises [*see below].   51, [*], 53, 43, 57 cl throws longest runs.   [ daily7b II: 57 ]
[*] - In between did some ..
7b casc varied - ~12 min.   the exercises were:
  pulse high \\ low - higher and higher, then try to pull the pattern back down again (which is hard) - after a few fails, got a pattern back down, and one also even pulsing down and back up again into collapse.
  pulse wide \\ narrow - didn't ever get there: at first started with very narrow patterns and maybe managed into wide + collapse. Also right into wide went to collapse. Then tried from normal width intending to go into narrow first and got collisons. Never got the chance to get from wide back to narrow again.
  turn against drift - against my usual drift into weakhandside, that is. Got it np on second attempt a 90+° turn into stronghandside.
I really should do more of the kind, as not being able to narrow a too wide pattern at all seems really a major handicap, and getting that down could maybe make a notable overall improvement. And I really also should be able to pull patterns down without having to exercise it first.

Too short. I have to face it: Am on bad terms with discipline, perseverance, unconditionality. I do have unbroken motivation, zeal, eagerness and greediness while doing, though. It's just often a little quarrel to overcome a (current) backache, a kneeache, or whatever body nudging, even those will vanish when juggling (moving). Should be doing two hours more than average 4h, instead of 2h less. Hope to get this fixed as long as it's fall with good outdoor conditions.

Total practice time: 123 minutes

Location: rivershore-meadow

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