Mike Moore's practice log for 5th September 2017

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5th September 2017

Mike Moore

# Mostly full session, 55 minutes

Back to campus! Party. Some good 7b runs, shoulders were a bit sore (maybe from #HLAIB yesterday?)

Getting some good runs of #ISC. Still not perfect, but getting better. Trying to do transitions in and out. #SC to #ISC is surprisingly difficult for me.

I'm liking the idea of throwing what looks like an inverted 2x, but chasing it down and stopping it with a fork after catching a different ball and turning that into a true 2x. IMO, forks are super underappreciated. They are sometimes the fastest way to make a catch. I like that they become a tool to make things possible, rather than exist for their own sake.

Total practice time: 55 minutes

Location: Other lecture room

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