Mike Moore's practice log for 26th July 2017

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26th July 2017

Mike Moore

# No3b, 60 minutes

A bit behind on sleep today. Probably not juggling tomorrow due to working 7: 30 am - 8: 30 pm and likely being a bit further behind on sleep.

75751 went great, got some longish (~15 second?) runs. A bit of walking, but nice. Also took less time to get running than before.

771 felt okay, not as clean as I'd like it to be. Most frequent issue is a collision on right side from right ball not crossing enough.

645 - did this a bit because I didn't take as long on 75751 as I usually do. I find this a finnicky siteswap, so I'll add it to my warm up to help smooth things out.

#high5 was fun, paid special attention to ensure throws were coming from the arms, not the legs.

#7b was annoying because I didn't continue my streak of >100 catch days. Broke 90 catches a fair bit, though. Throws were pretty good today, catches were rubbish.

#5bbx is a new addition. I'm back to being bad at it, only getting 3 consecutive catches a few times and never very nicely.

#ISC went well, almost doubled my PB to a new 54 catches. It's starting to feel slower, and I'm able to make minor corrections. Right hand still wants to throw too high sometimes.

Total practice time: 60 minutes

Location: Other lecture room

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