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3 balls, 4 balls, 30 minutes

Lunch time juggling, this time next to our outdoor coffee tables.

Warm up

4 balls:
Fountain, best round about 60-70 catches
53 once and back to fountain, difficult but I got it a few times.

3 balls:
53142, only tried a few times.
55500 with hand clap, once and back to cascade. Some drops, often not consistent height on the throws, but I got some OK rounds.... Which is good considering I have not spent much time on practicing this with balls, usually do it with clubs.

I find it difficult to find the "right" height of the throws when juggling balls, have no natural ball juggling rhythm the way that I do with clubs...

Total practice time: 30 minutes

Location: Norrtälje (outdoors)

Comments (3)
7b_wizard - Interesting. The physical height is just the same as that of the club's mass center (when catching with club's mass center right on hand's level). But there's not the handle (with the m.c. a good bit away) spinning into catchhand; but the ball (itself, with m.c.) falling into it.
7b_wizard - Also, not having to give spin on a ball makes it a different throw with different use of dwelltime.
Maria - Well... For 3 ball cascade, sure. That rhythm is fine. However, I'm pretty sure that my 4b fountain is lower than my 4c fountain... And less consistent. So, well, when doing siteswaps it becomes tricky. But I guess it's really just that I don't juggle balls very often.