Maria's practice log for 10th January 2017

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10th January 2017


# 3 clubs, 25 minutes

Juggling in my living room. Well, at least I had not done that in a while, so sticking to low-ceiling-tricks was not too boring.

Warm up

1up 2up (singles, of course)

Backcrosses: Every third throw (OK), two backcrosses and 5 regular throws (difficult at first, but got better), two backcrosses and 3 regular throws was too hard. Also tried doing 3 backcrosses and back to regular cascade, but only got it a couple of times when starting with my right hand. Not when starting with my left.


Over-the-top (flat front), every 5th throw OK, every 3rd throw harder.

# 3 balls, 10 minutes

45123 with active 2, got a few connected rounds.

Tennis (OK)

Reverse cascade (difficult)

Backcrosses: A single backcross throw and back to cascade. Failed more often than not.

Under the arm-throw (every 3rd throw)

Under the leg, tried to do that on every third throw as well.

# 4 balls, 1 minutes

Fountain. Got one round of 168 catches. That's pretty good, almost at the same level as my 4 clubs. ;)

Total practice time: 36 minutes

Location: Vardagsrummet

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