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5ballPREP, 5BPtrickHUNT, 75 minutes

I began practice regularly, then i jumped into the 5551 and it really has improved alot. I was able to do it more comfortably on my left side, but i found it strangely difficult to execute it ONCE from a ftn. pattern. Right after that, I went through my list of tricks:

[5ball preperation trick hunt:]

*Martin - I could handle the first few throws, but when i went for a whole flash (adding more throws) i got confused! This one can wait.

*552 - this one was too easy, even though it could use SOME work. This one will be a warm up.

*Sprung Cascade - I followed the tutorial on but i found quicker ways to achieve the flash. The website suggested that i began flashing 3 balls out of the box pattern, with a ghost ball, but wow, i found it difficult. So i just did it from a cold start (not out of a pattern), which went well. Then I tried out of the box pattern again, and it was still difficult, but worth practicing later, just to practice the timing and placement, ya know. Okay then i moved on to the whole trick flashed. The website suggested that i throw 2 crossing throws, then 2 (6x,2x)'s. Once again...i struggled! So i tried 3 (6x,2x)'s from a cold start, and it worked! i could do it starting from both sides and i even managed 4 a couple of times. This is definitely the new trick i'm gonna be working on! Once i get the hang of it, i'll try the harder ways the website suggested, just for more progress.

*534 - I know i can get this one down, but I want to save it for later.

*5353 - I found this one surprisingly easy to control on my right side, but it still felt weird, and I found it difficult to keep the timing okay. The left side had troubles though, i could get the first 2 throws, but after that, my hands derp. Some times i threw them at around the same height xD. I'm going to practice this one mostly on my left side, and it will be before I practice the:

*5ball cascade - I'm more than ready for this one. I've been ready for too long. I've kept this pattern running for 30+ seconds in the past, and I swear i've been unconsciously avoiding this trick. If that makes sense. I will practice this one at the end of the progress section of my practice session. I'm not exactly sure how i will solidify this pattern. I mean it looks good already, i just have trouble keeping it going! So i think i may start by practicing the flash, then i'll slowly add throws. Then i may try a few long runs. I may use the pyramid method, idk. I'll have to think about it.

Tomorrow...if I can...I'm going to hunt for 6ball prep stuffs. Hopefully right after my 5ball prep session. Here's the list i got so far:

*3in1 cascade
*666600 - with snaps/claps/fake throws as the 0's
*666600 continuously
*Four ball box (its like the 3in1 on both sides)

And practice went well, i did great, but i had troubles focusing towards the end, probably because of how late it is.

The time is mostly accurate, but an estimate nonetheless. GOodnigHT!

Total practice time: 75 minutes

Location: Home

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