lukeburrage's practice log for 29th March 2015

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29th March 2015


# mixed prop, Citizen Erased, 65 minutes

Mixed prop. After playing around for the last few days, I decided to get out a video of the last time I performed this routine in 2011. Which was the first time I'd done it since the two times I performed it in 2005.

After watching the video through once, and then starting to juggle to the music, it all came back to me! Way easier to remember than I thought it would be. I did four run-throughs, with 5-7 drops each time. Most of the mistakes were due to ball-on-head stuff, so if I drill that, I should get it mostly dropless pretty soon. I'll do it once at the Open Stage in the Living Room, then at the Hungarian convention. Maybe other conventions too.

# mixed prop, Citizen Erased, 25 minutes

Before combat. Worked on 2 clubs and 2 balls with ball on head.

# first to 5 combat, Team Combat, 30 minutes

To 5: Jochen 5, Luke Flo DJ 1, Niklas 0. Teams. Won two lost two. To 2: Jochen 2, Luke DJ Flo 1, Niklas 0. Won 2 lost 4.

Total practice time: 120 minutes

Locations: Home, Rochstrasse

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