Input format for toss juggling records

Toss juggling records need to be entered in the following format:

Catches PropCode Pattern+Modifiers Date Video // Comment



A few examples of the full text required to enter some records:

56 7b
56 catches of a 7 ball cascade

27 4c 633
27 catches of 633 with 4 clubs

38 3c cbal+rol+stg 2012-02-01 // Yeah baby!
38 catches of 3 clubs with a club balance on a rola bola on stage on the 1st of February 2012 with a bit of flambouyant showboating thrown in at the end.

Catches - mandatory

You must enter the number of catches made, this must be an integer.

You can also enter a duration using the same format as described in the Miscellaneous juggling records input format instructions or you can define your own measure in brackets eg. (34 bounces) 3c cas+bnc will record 34 bounces of a 3 club cascade with a headbounce. If you record a duration or use a custom measure your records will not be eligible for a top record spot.

PropCode - mandatory

The propcode specifies the number and type of prop used, the code is made up of a number and some letters eg:

3b - 3 balls
4bb - 4 bounce balls
5c - 5 clubs
6r - 6 rings
7d - 7 diabolos (why not?)

Other props can be written in full eg:

3torch - 3 torch

Pattern+Modifiers - optional

If the pattern is omitted then the record will default to the standard cascade or fountain as specified by the propcode.

Patterns are specified by using a basic pattern code or a siteswap with various modifier codes separated by '+' signs.

Pre-pattern modifiers

Two modifiers that are usually stated before the pattern have to be the first code in the string (all other modifiers are listed after the pattern):

invt - inverted
invs - inverse

Basic Patterns

The following shortcodes are available for the most common patterns:

cas - cascade (but you don't need to use this unless you are going to be using any modifiers)
ftn - fountain (or this one)
rcas - reverse cascade
rftn - reverse fountain (rolling in)
col - columns
hs - half shower
tns - tennis
s - shower
chops - chops
rchops - reverse chops
mm - Mills Mess
rr - Rubenstein's Revenge
bb - Burke's Barrage
bm - Boston Mess
windmill - Windmill
ee - Eric's Extension
box - box
spl - splits
sci - scissors
wimpy - wimpy
sync - synchronous fountain
alb - Alberts
tre - Treblas
bx - back crosses
rbx - reverse back crosses
st - shoulder throws
rst - reverse shoulder throws
xf - crossfire (reverse back cross, back cross, back cross)
ua - continuous under arms
ul - continuous under the leg throws
btn - behind the neck throws
1h - in one hand


Or enter a valid siteswap, vanilla, multiplex and synchronous are all supported.

To help ensure people are comparing the same records siteswaps are checked to see if they can be shortened. eg. 531531531 will be shortened to 531 and (6x,4)(4,6x) will be shortened to (6x,4)*.

Also throws within a multiplex will be sorted into reverse order, eg. [123], [132], [213], [231] and [312] will all be converted to [321].

Diabolo patterns

Diabolos have their own patterns. Only two so far:

low - shuffle
high - high


These base patterns can also be modified in cruel and unusual ways using combinations of the following modifiers separated by '+' signs:

Siteswap patterns
mm - Mills Mess
rr - Rubenstein's Revenge
bb - Burke's Barrage
bm - Boston Mess
windmill - Windmill
ee - Eric's Extension
alb - Alberts
tre - Treblas
bx - back crosses
rbx - reverse back crosses
st - shoulder throws
rst - reverse shoulder throws
rev - reverse throws ie reverse cascade or rolling in

Balls only
clw - clawed
frk - forked
pin - pinball

Bounce balls only
frc - forced

Clubs only
flt - flats
slp - slapbacks
out - outside throws
in - inside throws
ff - flat fronts
heli - helicopters

Club spins (clubs only again)

Spins can be specified in any combination using combinations of 'x' and numbers. You can also use -x for reverse spins, half spins are also valid using #.5 eg:

x0 - flats
x1 - singles
x2 - doubles
x0.5 - half spins
-x1 - reverse singles
x3x1 - triple singles
x0x1x2x3x4 - flat single double triple quads

Rings only
pan - pancakes
pdn - pulldown
out - outside throws
in - inside throws
ff - flat fronts

pen - penguin catches
oh - over head
x - with crossed arms
con - contortionist
halfcon - half contortionist
blind - blind
bbb - behind the back blind
bbl - behind the back looking
cbal - with a club balanced on the head
rbal - with a ring balanced on the head
bbal - with a ball balanced on the head
borz - with a Borzykine pole
ringonankle - with a ring spinning on the ankle
bnc - with a head bounce
rol - on a rola bola
uni - on a unicycle
slack - on a slackline
stg - on stage
laidup - while lying down
iso - isolated

Date - optional

If ommitted the record is entered with the current day's date.

Specify another date in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

Specify how long ago it was by typing t-the number of days. eg. t-1 will specify yesterday's date.

Video - optional

If you caught your record on camera upload it to JTV, Youtube, Instagram or Vimeo then include the URL. Make sure you include the 'http://' part of the URL.

You can also add a video to a record at a later date by clicking the green 'add/edit video' links against your records.

Comment - optional

You can add a comment to your record by typing two forward slashes '//' then your comment eg:

// Your comment goes here

Your comment includes everything from the two slashes to the end of the line, so make sure this is the last thing you enter.

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