Input format for miscellaneous juggling records

Add your records for predefined miscellaneous juggling tricks by using the following format:

Duration TrickID Date Video // Comment



Here are a few examples of the full text required to enter some records:

1:14 T1
1 minute 14 seconds of a straight handstand

2m T1 2017-01-01
2 minutes of a straight handstand on the 1st of January 2017.

10m T1 // and then my shoulder popped out
10 minutes of a straight handstand with a comment.

Duration - mandatory

To specify the duration you can use two different formats, either units separated by colons - hh:mm:ss or units labeled with a letter - #h#m#s. Do not include any spaces. Leading zeros are not necessary. The following values are all valid:

InputTranslates to
01:01:011 hour 1 minute 1 second
03:203 minutes 20 seconds
0:2525 seconds
2:152 minutes 15 seconds
0:55 seconds
1h10m5s1 hour 10 minutes 5 seconds
5m5 minutes
20s20 seconds

You can also define your own measure in brackets eg. (10 breaths) T1 will record a handstand held for 10 breaths. If you use a custom measure your records will not be eligible for a top record spot.

TrickID - mandatory

The TrickID is a 'T' and then a number eg. T123, that is a simple reference to a predefined trick. The TrickID is listed in brackets after the trick description on the list of miscellaneous juggling tricks where you can also add new predefined tricks.

Date - optional

If ommitted the record is entered with the current day's date.

Specify another date in the format yyyy-mm-dd.

Specify how long ago it was by typing t-the number of days. eg. t-1 will specify yesterday's date.

Video - optional

If you caught your record on camera upload it to JTV, Youtube, Instagram or Vimeo then include the URL. Make sure you include the 'http://' part of the URL.

You can also add a video to a record at a later date by clicking the green 'add/edit video' links against your records.

Comment - optional

You can add a comment to your record by typing two forward slashes '//' then your comment eg:

// Your comment goes here

Your comment includes everything from the two slashes to the end of the line, so make sure this is the last thing you enter.

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