Edge Notifier for Chrome

The Edge Notifier for Chrome is an extension that pops up a notification when there are new posts available on the forum like so:

Image grab of notification as it appears in Chrome

How to install the extension

Somewhere around Chrome version 33/34 Google has decided not to allow you to run extensions that don't pay to use their webstore. To get round this either use Chromium or follow these steps to install the extension:

  1. Download the extension file to your computer
  2. Extract the contents of the EdgeNotifierChrome.crx to a new folder (using a program such as 7-zip)
  3. Open up the extension manager: chrome://extensions/
  4. Check the "Developer mode" check box
  5. Click the " Load unpacked extensions…" button
  6. Browse to the folder that you extracted the contents of the extension to

When the extension first loads it will report that there are a lot of new posts. Don't panic! This is because the extension is experiencing the Juggling Edge for the first time and thinks that everything is new. The next time it checks for new posts it will be a little older and a little wiser.


If you have any problems please post on Meta talk.


15th Oct 2013 - Version 1.1

14th Oct 2013 - Version 1.0