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The MIT juggling club is one of the main juggling clubs serving the greater Boston area. It is open to anybody and completely free. Just show up. We might even give you a cookie.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Juggling Club is the oldest "drop in" juggling club in continuous operation in the world. We have no fees and no formal business. All we do is juggle and talk about juggling.

We meet at the MIT campus, which is in Cambridge, Massachusetts; USA. Within the MIT campus, we meet in the lobby of Building 10. If the weather is super-nice we sometimes move to the lawn just outside building 10. Very occasionally, the lobby of building 10 is booked for other events, in which case we meet in either the lobby of building 13 or the lobby of building 7. (Despite these locations, none of us are actual lobbyists.)

We meet every Sunday (including summers and holidays) approximately 2:45 - 6:00 P.M. As none of us have lives, rest assured that "every Sunday" really does mean every Sunday. There is also an MIT Student Juggling Club, which meets at the same time and place on Sundays. Together, the MIT Juggling Clubs host the annual JuggleMIT festival (the next one is Sep. 22-24, 2017) and other events throughout the year.



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