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7b_wizard -

How do you cope with frustration?
Do you bear it and somehow get along with it, do you ``fight´´ it, do you try to find ``strategies´´ (whatever that might be) against it, do you try to avoid it, do you simply stop and have a break then stop for good that day or that session, do you simply do other tricks instead, do you try to find into a ``mindstate´´ patiently waiting for it to pass by, do you try to find the cause, do you .. well, how or what do you do?

Guili - - Parent

I try to blow out some steam.. haha... I'm not good disguising my feelings..
If, like today, I'm in no good state of mind to confront my frustration, I just call it a day.
Tomorrow might be better :)
Some other times I'm able to stop, clear my head and keep it up. but not today.. haha

7b_wizard - - Parent

^^hehe .. I call them "good for tomorrow days" and be it only killing lifetime doing \trying the pattern ;oD for example in a lax, lazy way if nothing else would go.

.. but then - I've so often had totally sudden very good runs, like a quantum jump right amidst very bad training .. so anything is possible any time, and I wanna be prepared to jump such trains ( and not like do ``fixated´´ within or haunted \cursed by any bad feelings ).

Terix - - Parent

I try to do another tricks and when I have just very bad juggling day, it is very uneasy for me to be calm and continue training, because I am quite a choleric person)) It helps me a lot to take rest, to watch any juggling videos or I love joggling - it is like juggling, but if I want, I can consider it just run)) So I can juggle and feel like I am not doing it :D
I think, I have no idea why is it so, that some days are very good for training, I can make a lot of personal records and some of them are lousy

7b_wizard - - Parent

no idea why is it so, that some days are very good for training, [..] and some of them are lousy

I think, it maybe comes from doing at the limit + (what I more and more observe on myself:) any different conditions - like when doing challenging stuff and not everything is well set, but sth disturbing or wind or cold or queerly lighted background everywhere or simply bad arms, then what you can normally do is simply harder under such conditions. On the other hand, great conditions don't grant for a new PR, not even always for good, fresh practise.

Little Paul - - Parent

My rule of thumb is “if you’re not enjoying it, and no one is paying you to do it, stop doing it”

So if I’m working on something and get frustrated, I’ll stop and do something else and come back to the frustrating thing later or another day.

I do this with all my hobbies, not just juggling. Sure it’s not the “most productive” or “highest return” strategy, but it is the most fun

7b_wizard - - Parent

Yes, sounds so reasonable, .. just .. as soon as you're doing towards a goal, you'll often get into that dilemma of "How bad an ado can I bear and go on trying?!" for the sake of having to walk over stones to get to the stars. [hire a poet, anyone?]

Maria - - Parent

First I try to calm down, take a deep breath, focus and see if I can figure out why things don't work. If that doesn't help, I usually switch to another trick. On a really bad day when it feels like nothing works, I try to do something I have never done before, or at least never been good at and not practised a lot. It could be just a new siteswap, but the idea is that if I have never done it before, I don't expect to get it so I don't get too frustrated by failing. And if I actually get the new trick the whole session feel a lot better. :)

Mike Moore - - Parent

As motivation has yielded to discipline, I find that I find frustration less often. If my performance is poor I'll work on something below my skill level that I'd been putting off.

Terix -

Hello, I would like to ask a question) Maybe there is somebody who has similar problem or who had have similar problem and was able to solve it :D
I juggle 5 ball cascade for about 6 years and there is no progress - my record is 22 sec, but I can´t improve it for a few years already - where is the problem? Can it be that my arms are still weak?
Usually my cascade ends because of collision of balls, it becomes too wide, I am rotating around with cascade, it is too low or any other strange problem. I try to keep my elbows near body and throw it slowlier, but it becomes faster and faster usually, that is a problem too.
Please, can anyone give any advice that would help? I am quite disappointed because a lot of effort and almost no result.

Guili - - Parent

one question: how do you train for it?

I ask because since I first came to the forum I learned I was training without any method, and reading and asking to the people at the forum I got to improve the way I train, and got much better results, for sure!

What was really mind-blowing for me, is the "no-drops policy" and the pyramid training.
the no-drop policy says to Juggle only what you know you can keep in the air, if it's 5 catches, then just juggle 5 catches and collect.
combining with the pyramid:
10 times 5 catches
5 times 10 catches
2 times 20 catches
1 time 50 catches
This pyramid can be "moved up" when you manage to juggle it with little or no drops. Juggle like this every day and you will definetively see progress!
Keep it up and good luck!

Terix - - Parent

Thank you very much^^

Terix - - Parent

I forgot to answer, I usually throw and catch as much as I can, so I will try this pyramid system

Little Paul - - Parent

There are two plateaus early on in 5 balls which have easy fixes.

The first is caused by people concentrating so hard that they hold their breath (without realising it) so make sure you're breathing.

The second is caused by people concentrating so hard that they're forgetting to blink.

Eventually your body makes you do one or the other and your pattern falls apart. So take a step back from the numbers, chill out, and make sure that you're breathing and blinking.

If you're breathing/blinking ok, but are consistently rotating in the same direction, you can either follow it (and worry about correcting the rotation later) or try standing with one foot slightly in front of the other. If you're rotating to the right, put your right foot slightly further forward. If you're rotating to the left, put your left foot slightly further forward.

Terix - - Parent

Thanks a lot!)))

Mike Moore - - Parent

Hah, it's amazing how common those issues are. I had the breathing (and rotating) one with 5b and the blinking one with 7b.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi, are you getting into tensed juggling after those 20 secs, slaving to get more catches when long lost a smooth pattern with swift ado, with then arms rowing a lot? ( which then causes those problems you named )

I got over that phase, where tensions reveal, by ``hunting´´ for the easiest way, e.g. by going to early collects on slightest flaw. But mainly by this: ..

There's a difference when doing from wrist, giving thrust to get on the right height from wrist, aiming the last bit at release from wrist and fingers in a bit of a whippy way - it gives very hazardous throws at first, but one can learn to control these, learn to aim where the balls belong. ( I'm not sure, maybe how you play darts is a compare .. you don't throw with the whole arm lol, but aim and thrust from wrist and focus on where the dart should land. ) [ '.. very hazardous throws at first ..' ] .. but once you've gotten this speedy way of throwing plus aiming it well, it will help a lot for a) finding a smoother way to juggle 5b, b) getting back into that easier pattern after correcting while enduring.
  This is not about having to do wristy all the time while enduring, but about having that way of doing for fast bail out phases to get back to stable pattern without having to fight too much.

I suspect, you can keep a good pattern up for those 22 secs, but you're lacking control, when it comes to enduring, to coping with single throws going slightly astray or the whole pattern drifting.

A good approach is to check all properties of the cascade pattern in their variations: do these exercises with 3 balls ( or with 5b ) to find out, where you maybe have a major skill lacking yet: It's, the vid, also doing all your problems on purpose (e.g. turning the way round your patterns takes you), and also counteracting them actively (e.g. turning the other way round) to get a hold of them all. You learn to control exactly your problems, pattern's width, it rotating, its height an' all with these exercises.

Terix - - Parent

Thank you^^

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Try to expand your flexibility of dealing with your 5b cascade, it will help you to correct the errors that creep up after a few seconds. Here are the 53 tricks and moves I recommend you train:

Loisen -

Hello, I’m new here. I started juggling about 45 years ago. Never got beyond three balls. I can keep four afloat for 5 seconds at most. But, I have juggled around the world (as I travel for chemist work). I’m getting to the point in life where retirement is approaching. I could sit in a chair like a responsible adult or get back into juggling. I need some help. HELP!

Mike Moore - - Parent

Great to have more chemists here, welcome! What kind of chemistry did you do?

I think getting back into juggling is really the responsible thing to do, with all that mental and physical exertion pushing off the symptoms of aging.

Mats1 - - Parent

Get back to juggling! There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube these days to expand your trick repertoire.

Little Paul - - Parent

Retirement sounds like an idea opportunity for finding enough time to learn new skills :)

Feel free to post questions/progress here (we're mostly a friendly encouraging bunch) but there's nothing quite like meeting other jugglers in person when it comes to learning new stuff, getting tips on how to improve, and generally having a lot of fun.

So check out the Clubs and Events listings here, and find something local you can go to!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome Loisen,

do both! .. retire AND juggle as long as its fun ;o]

Guili -

Open Letter for Anthony Gatto:

"Hi there! I'm not sure if Anthony is going to read this, but I felt like I needed to reach out to him.
I've just learned about this company, and it seems to me like a smart investment, but it also seems like not the right place for you.
I'm a juggler too. been a juggler since I can choose my own acts. And never I've seen such a talented juggler like you are.
Of course I do understand your need to provide for your family, so I support you in this new project. But, I hate the fact that you need to do it. The world should give you the retirement you desserve!!
if I could, I'd send you money miself, haha, but I'm a poor music teacher in argentina.
I live in patagonia, where I teach and practice juggling everyday! I'm allmost qualifying 7 balls, wich is a life-long-dream that I'm not stopping untill i get.

Ok, Just that. I really admire you and I wish the world would give you the eldery days you desserve.
A big hug!


So I posted this on anthony's concrete company's site. I'm not sure he'll ever read it, but when i found out about all this I felt so blue... so sad for him... So angry at this fucking world where we circus artists are not given the place we desserve.
I mean, a stupid teen-pop-idol can earn millions of dollars with a simple hit record, and 5 minutes later nobody remembers him anymore, but after 30-something years of career, putting affort, putting your body and your very soul in it, performing on the gratests stages of the world (like vegas and cirque du soleil) you have nothing to show for it....
so sad... the deppresing truth...
The only thing that will keep me going now it's the fact that I don't do all of my practice to make a living, nor to be better than anybody else. I just do this cause I love it, and I want to get to be the best juggler I can be.
so, we circus artitsts, have the responsability to remember the great names of the past. Like anthony, like Rastelli, Cinquevalli, and so many others that played this beautifull game.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Welcome Guili.

Well, that was heartfelt, but possibly also misplaced - Anthony seemed to embrace his new job with great relish once he finally announced his retirement from juggling, and has mostly avoided interviews and suchlike regarding his past as a juggling, focussing entirely on his new job instead. When you are as single-minded as Mr. Gatto appears to be, perhaps it is no surprise that he seems to have immersed himself completely in his new career.

In fact this wasn't even the first time he's turned his back on the juggling world, when he was in his late teens and apparently a bit burnt out he became a landscape gardener for a couple of years before thankfully returning to juggling for a couple of decades in which he systematically demolished most of the big solo juggling records.

Personally I'm thankful that he gave so much of his life to the juggling world, rather than disappointed that he has not given it all. What more does a guy have to do?

What sort of music do you teach? Tangos Argentinos and Astor Piazolla? Or something slightly more imaginative? What instruments do you play?

Guili - - Parent

hi cedric, what you say may be truth, but I also thing you misunderstood me.

I'm not dissapointed of him leaving the game, i'm mad at this world where even one of the greatest of us have to do anything but juggling to feed his family. I mean, I'm sure he isn't begging, lol, but he should be able to just retire.
But I'm not sure I'm explaining myself.
Let me tell you a bit of my story, since you asked about me, maybe I can make it clearer.

I came to El Bolson, a little town amidst the mountains in patagonia, around 12 years ago from Buenos Aires, the city of chaos, temptation and corruption (haha, truly though) and I decided to stay here to study to be a luthier (you know, people who build musical instruments) in a state university, where I also studied cello.
In order to do that, and eat, I had to start working at any job I could find. Since here is not so easy to find a good job, I had to work in construction for several years.
I liked the job, that's not the problem, the thing is that is really incomplatible with the fine work over a violin, or, even more, to play cello.
Anyway, I was happy to do it, cause it let me stay here and study.

But Anthony, he has given it all, I'm not asking anymore from him. I just wish he could be harvesting the fruits of decades of hard work, zipping a margarita in some beach at the caribbean. :)
But yeah... meaybe HE just cant stay still, can he? haha

Me, I teach cello to little children, play percussion in an orchestra and also played the drums in a rock band till recently. Love piazzola, but I don't actually play any tango. more Classic stuff like mozart in the orchestra, and personally with my cello I try to study the bach suites, and expand my horizon playing rock, argentinian folk, or whaterver I can.

Little Paul - - Parent

Anthony strikes me as the kind of person who would drive himself mad trying to sit on a beach doing nothing.

I'm not surprised at all that he wanted to find something else to do with his life (and I'm glad he quit at his peak, before his body started to fail him, as we're left with only his best work rather than a slow descent in his output)

Best of luck to him I say! I hope the change of pace is suiting him.

Little Paul -

Ring or hoop isolations/manipulation

I’ve started playing with some 11” diameter steel rings recently (think jitter rings but without the noisy crap) and I’m interested in learning some isolation or other manipulation moves to go with them.

Does anyone have any sources they can recommend, either for tutorials that may be applicable, or for “inspiration”?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Nicolas Longuechaud is fun to watch, look him up!

7b_wizard -

Which tricks or exercises can you suggest to do while watching soccer World Championship?
Not sure, the question makes any sense, as it's obviously individually different, but what would you choose to do viewing peripherally only?

3b cascade is - of course - no problem (even a bit unchallenging). Tried it with 5b cascade, but still getting several drops there. Maybe inv box, but I'm not sure it's safe, but will try. Contact's Butterflies are surely an option, maybe sth horizontal with both hands ( but that could roll right across my view on the soccer game ). Not sure about 1c flourishes.

A challenge lies also in looking at the game but not awarely seeing it for being actually focussed on the periphal juggle.

Which patterns do you have experience with, looking through them like also at an audience or a passing partner or when talking to someone [can't say "chatting" anymore lol] while juggling? Are there patterns ``naturally apt´´ for it?

Little Paul - - Parent

If you’re committed to sitting on your arse staring at the tv for several hours over many weeks (instead of doing something productive) then there is only one trick.

Ball spinning.

It takes several hours of frustrating practice to learn to spin a ball, and it’s best learned when you’re thinking about something else anyway.

Little Paul - - Parent

If you want some tips about how to learn it - try this video:

7b_wizard - - Parent

"BALL SPINNING" .. OH YEAH! .. cool.
No, not "sit on my arse" but standing facing the monitor ( if that makes a difference to what you meant lol ;o)

7b_wizard - - Parent

( I can do it already, but not keep it up very long, not more than a few, 3-5 seconds )

Guili - - Parent

haha good question man!
I guess it mostly deppends on the match...
I mean, we argentinians usually have hard-on.the-heart matches, not suitable for cardiacs, but the jitters on a group stage match has no comparisson to a semi-final... you know what i mean?
but i did like paul's suggestion of a spinning ball.

7b_wizard - - Parent

^^hehe .. yeah! .. but the group stage can always be good for a surprise and some all-or-nothing matches .. maybe a team gets disqualified and a no-name will enter by wild card and get the title ( Denmark once won the European Championship like that haha ).

Mike Moore - - Parent

I watched How I Met Your Mother mostly to learn BBB. I can now do BBB.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Great idea, but too many levels beyond what I could do halfway dropless. Pinball Style is a strong option now that you said that, though! .. wow, I'm getting a whole sheduled agenda for this! ( I'll have to rewatch one game or other in the late night-repeats, to keep up with my plans )

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. when I had just shut my PC down after posting, I ´´saw´´ the box and 441 and related patterns and exercises (like e.g. 2b-01414) would naturally fit right around the monitor .. !? ( I could then even fit the side, a pattern goes towards, to which way left\\right, attack\\defense, the soccer match is currently going, to who's got the ball now ).
If only my behind the back catching weren't so droppy .. that would be a fun 2b exercise without having to look anyway!

Stephen Meschke -

Happy 531 day.

The Void - - Parent

February 22nd! #ReclaimTheCalendar #wraparound

Little Paul - - Parent

ISO8601 or GTFO

Kelhoon - - Parent

seconded !

(ponders filtering ISO 8601 dates through a siteswap validator to see when the next siteswap day is)

Guili - - Parent

Happy 0606 day!

Hermit Of Masada -

Anyone has any good tips on fixing old bad habits? my left shower is bad and its holding me back big time... can't do L 5551, so i can't do 555145551 for example (and my box is ugly). i hold my left hand a bit higher than my right so i throw up and catch it really hard.

Little Paul - - Parent

Step 1 - identify *why* it’s bad, which throws are causing the problem? It can be helpful to video yourself and watch it back, but don’t just do this from one angle. You’ll see different things wrong filmed from the side than you will from the front

Step 2 - see if you can isolate just that throw and find a way to practice it outside the pattern. If you can practice that throw in isolation do so (even if that means spending time with one ball, making a single throw and assessing what went well/badly)

Find other patterns that use that use that throw and play with them too.

If the problem is with the rhythm rather than the throw, counting out loud or tapping your foot helps

Step 3 - suck up the fact that breaking s bad habit takes more work than learning it in the first place and put the hours in

Step 4 - profit!

Stephen Meschke -

Juggling Club Drop Simulation

Using this Pygame tutorial, I created a club drop simulation. In the simulation, I successfully dropped and balanced a club several times:


There are an infinite amount of ways to drop a club and have it bounce back up and balance on it's end. A club is most likely to bounce back up into a balance if it has enough energy to rotate backwards (1) 180° or forwards 180° (2).

Guili - - Parent

any chance of actually doing it?
would look really good!

peterbone - - Parent

Here's one recent example.

Guili - - Parent

wow! that's awesome!
haha, not on purpose anyway.. haha but it counts

Maria - - Parent

It happened to me once, too. Dropped while juggling 4 clubs, reached for a club that bounced but noticed that it was almost standing still on the end, waited and it stayed there. I have no proof, though, I was the only one who saw it.

Guili - - Parent

so.. it's doable... I mean, it can be trained.. right?
would look soooo good to do it while juggling

Maria - - Parent

I don't know, I have never heard of anyone being able to do it on purpose. I mean, with a reasonable success rate. I have heard of people trying for hours without getting it though... On the other hand, it might be that nobody actually tried to learn it. Maybe Stephen's simulations says something about how well mathched the clubs speed, rotation and angle while hitting the floor has to be for it to work. My guess would be that it's too many parameters that has to be just right. Also, what kind of floor you are standing on might affect the bounce...

peterbone - - Parent

I've seen people at the BJC sitting in a circle trying to bounce the club into a balance on the floor. At least some of them got it. I've seen at least one video, but can't find it now.

The Void - - Parent

How about during a performance?

Little Paul - - Parent


Blimey, internet video has come a long way in the last 10 years

Guili - - Parent

precisely my point!
once I saw a documentary about varietes in the US in the 50's. it showed this guy, a "hat, kane & cigar juggler" (don't know any better way to put it) he said that everything is trainable. and he actually got a number where he threw a matchbox, with a match and a cigar on it, from his foot, in the air the match lights itself against the box, and he catches the cigar in his mouth and the match falls on balance on the tip of the cigar, and then he actually lights up the cigar and smokes!!
so... yeah.. with enough time to spend, you can probably get an acceptable succes rate, but... how's the balance between the hours of practice and the reward? (says the guy who's been obsessing with the 7 balls for the past 3 months... :) )

Roger Bananas -

Hi, long time lurker here that decides to come out of the shadows and finally join the tribe where he belongs.

So basically I have been juggling for close to a year, focusing mainly on balls and specially siteswaps. We could argue that all toss juggling has siteswaps at its core but the kind I'm talking about is raw, pure, 'robot-like-juggled' siteswap, with the least flourishing possible (no bxx, pirouettes, weird catches...). Since siteswap combinations are easiest juggled (expressed?) with balls, that makes them become the prop of my choice. The video "Siteswap Montage" by Phil Thompson gave me goosebumps first time I saw it, amongst my favourite jugglers there's Haavard, Matan Presberg, Phil himself and the likes if that helps explaining how much I fancy siteswaps over anything else in juggling. I also dig 3 ball stuff such as Andrew Olson's, Mike Moore and Pumpkineater's, but that stays more on a second term on my training sessions.

There's been a few turns of events that have felt like signs from above and made me seriously consider joining the edge during the last months:
- Last summer I casually met Eivind Dragsjo's older brother and had the pleasure of hanging out with him and juggle together on a regular basis for a couple of months. Meeting him really pushed my juggling and he gave me very nice advice in terms of technique and in general. I got a set of Norwiks through him that I have been juggling with ever since (6months-ish total).
- I have spent this winter in Canary islands and one of these days during a training session in the island of La Gomera a guy approached me, we started chatting and he told me he used to juggle too back in the days. As we dig deeper it turns out he also was a siteswap maniac so the conversation became more interesting and really enjoyable (to both of us I'm pretty sure). In the end he said he was a member of this site, non other than C*C*K (Christoph)! That was really exciting as he encouraged me to not give up and gave me kudos for keeping the training up. We hung out and jam together for about a week and it was really nice as aside from a good juggler he's also a great human. *I believe he is not active anymore but in case you are reading this shoot me a PM and let's catch up!*
- As I said, siteswap is the main focus of my juggling but during yesterday's session I tried a 5b 3up 360 out of the blue and it felt surprisingly at reach. Now, I have never done any 3b nor 4b pirouetting and my spinning technique could definitely use some improvement but regardless, I decided to keep pushing and see if I could qualify the trick cleanly which I eventually did. I was pretty stoked because the learning curve on this one has pretty much been a vertical line! I said screw it, let's join the edge :D.

This summer I plan on hitting conventions left and right around Europe. Ejc, the National French one and Brianza Convention in 10 days (Italy), for instance, are amongst the ones I have already booked tickets for. In 2 days I fly to Madrid as there's a 4day circus meet up (Eucima) and it's gonna be my very first contact with
big festivals and the one kicking off what's hopefully gonna be a summer flooded with juggling. I'm very excited about it all and can't wait to meet and share juggling with like-minded people!


Mike Moore - - Parent

Welcome, ball juggler! Sounds like you've had some exciting encounters with jugglers.

Roger Bananas - - Parent

Thanks Mike, I only wish for them to keep coming. Those particular two I mentioned came at a point where I needed a motivation boost and they definitely delivered, hands down. Maybe what I need is to feel demotivated again and Anthony Gatto will just bump into me?

Little Paul - - Parent

If Anthony Gatto bumps into you, try not to fall over into the wet concrete

PeterBn - - Parent

Good to see i'm not the only new member today!

In my continuing obsession with different balls, I'd love to give Norwiks a try some time - perhaps i'll bump into you at a convention!

Roger Bananas - - Parent

Hey definitely! I've said it numerous times but I'll be out and about in Northern Europe this Summer (Germany, France etc..) so if you plan on attending fests say so :D

What is your current go to ball of choice for your sessions? Does it depend on what you plan on practicing?

PeterBn - - Parent

I doubt I'll be venturing outside of the UK too much this year myself, but the European fests look great so I hope you enjoy!

Favourite balls (at the moment...) are the uglies bags/balls, but I picked up some of the 130g Pro Sport balls at BJC and I've been getting along pretty well with those. I'm finding the increased weight helps keep my throws a little more controlled when I'm trying for clean runs of five balls.
That said, I end up getting longer runs when I switch back to the uglies though - probably just having warmed up a bit more by then.

I end up doing quite a lot outside even in autumn/winter, so I find the MMX and Sil-X styles are good when the ground is wet/muddy, but I've only ever had a small play with Russian-style ones so they're still intriguing to me.

Generally the type I use depends more on WHERE i'll be juggling than what i'll be doing!

Roger Bananas - - Parent

Hey! Catching up after Eucima in Madrid. IT. WAS. A. BLAST! :D Met tons of really cool people, some siteswapers too, weather was great and the gala was remarkably good (Wes Peden, amongst other veeery good artists, was on it btw!). Aaaand... I ended up 1st on the standing in one leg combat in the games and won a cool 10mm SIL-X contact ball, as well as a pass for another fest in Spain. I was definitely not seeing that one coming!

Orinoco - - Parent

Loving the implication that siteswappers aren't cool people!

How many people roughly attended Eucima? The website suggests it is a pretty big event, & the gala show looks as if it was pretty amazing! I'm not sure if anyone has told you but this is a standard length festival review that we expect here on the Edge. :P

Also what's the name of the festival you won a ticket for? I've not got any events in the database for Spain this year (I've just retrospectively added Eucimna 2018).

Roger Bananas - - Parent

Siteswapers definitely deserve to be put in a different category, they have a special place in my heart! :)

The organization of Eucima guesstimated that there was up to a 1000people at the festival, which at naked eye seemed like a reasonable amount. Will look into the review standars and probably fill a proper one later on today or tomorrow, that will be fun... :P

The festival I won tickets for is taking place in Pradoluengo, situated in northern Spain, during 15-16-17 June. I had the Berlin juggling convention in mind so I'm likely going to give away the pass to any acquaintance that would wanna mission up there. After speaking with the representative of Pradoluengo's festival at Eucima he said it was fine if I did that. I also struggled to find a website/fb event about the festival, just some random posts mentioning it so I guess it's under preparation.

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