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Austin Hurley -

Howdy folks. Anyone going to the Dublin Circus Festival in April?

The Void - - Parent

#dcf2016 Yup, I'll be there just for the Saturday daytime. Flying visit.

Austin Hurley - - Parent

Aw Class!! I looked you up on youtube and I'm pretty sure you were the judge assigned to me during the kendama open last year. It'll be great to have you back

The Void - - Parent

"Youtube"? Never heard of it. ;) JTV's where you'll find me. Or in my Edge profile.

That you in green tee and glasses?:,2166.msg19210.html#msg19210
See you soon! Cheers.

The Void - - Parent

*Takes own advice*
*Reads yr Edge profile*
Got it, hi!

Austin Hurley - - Parent
- google is a lovely place

Aye. That's me with the lovely 'top knot' on the right

The Void - - Parent

Ha ha! I didn't even know they'd put that on chewyoob. Managed to mess up the aspect though. It's much more sixteenniney at

Austin Hurley - - Parent

Ha. I like the crocodile trick.

ditcircusandjuggling - - Parent

I think I'm obliged to.

- Alan

ditcircusandjuggling - - Parent

On that note, I've updated the event listing somewhat. If anyone has any specific questions, they can be directed towards me as I'm coordinating; otherwise, most of the info's already up on the Facebook page.

Dee - - Parent

Providing a linky can be helpful (even if it is just to facebook).

ditcircusandjuggling - - Parent

The websites part of the event page here links directly to the facebook event and an eventbrite entry for presales. It's pretty far down though, adding a link to the blurb might make it more prominent. Thanks!


ditcircusandjuggling -


I'm Alan, the contemporary event co-ordinator for the DIT Circus Society. By which I mean I'm the current one, not one that specifically organizes contemporary events - Next year I could be the treasurer or dead or something. The society's been running for about 12 years and we always bring a group of crusties to the Tralee (Now National!) and Belfast Circus Conventions. We've also been the coordinators of the Dublin Circus Festival for about four years.

Beyond that we meet up once a week for a three hour session with an hour or two workshop during each session. In our first semester we largely focused on bringing in facilitators for beginner level prop manipulation; in semester 2 we'll be focusing more on training people in performance-based skills such as walkabout preparation and act creation.

Not really much else to say since I'll likely end up making a personal account to do things on.

Orinoco - - Parent

Hi Alan, welcome aboard. The DIT society sounds like it is doing well which is great to hear. The facilitators you are bringing in are they professionals, amateurs or a mix of both? At my local club we used to get a profesional in a handful of times a year when our coffers were full enough or external funding was available, but it's been many years since that has been the case for us. I'm impressed that you seem to be organising that sort of thing regularly.

ditcircusandjuggling - - Parent

Usually a bit of both. Internally we have a few committee members who've been in the community for a while; I've been doing diabolo for three years, for example. This year we're re-focusing to with performance goals in mind and as a result I'm favouring full time professionals over hobbyists; one of our facilitators will be running four sessions of progressive walkabout character creation and preparation workshops.


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