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Orinoco -

Are we still on?

Orinoco - - Parent

Yep, looks like it's just you Mike!

Mike Moore - - Parent

David posted in Meta saying he had some trouble too. Maybe it's all fixed now?

Mike Moore - - Parent

Looks fixed now!

The Void - - Parent

If it helps, I'm still on

....the sofa.

Orinoco -

26 years is a very long time. All good things come to an end.

It was great to catch up with lots of familiar faces from years past for our last meeting. It was a quintessential TWJC meeting too with enough people to recreate the magic of the club in its heyday. Lots of standing around talking. Massive passing patterns that were over before everyone had even had a chance to start. Lots of innuendo. Me injuring someone (club to the head, sorry Dave L). Dave K & I giggling like idiots. A really good turnout at the pub afterwards.

I will pull out some of my best memories when I have the time to think through my considerable archive.

Thanks to everyone who has attended over the years. It was a blast.


The Void - - Parent

Perhaps someone should update/archive ?

Topper - - Parent

A great evening was had by all.
This is not the end of TWJC, something will be organised in one form or another in the future.

Watch this space.

Daniel Simu -

​ juggling video site

Hey guys,

I wanted to share a new project of mine with you, on which I've been working for the past 2 months. It's a juggling video database,

If you don't know yet what to do over Christmas, now you can watch hours of juggling videos, there are already over 1000 videos on the platform!

I was fed up with irrelevant YouTube recommendations and don't like strolling Facebook to find new videos, I hope this website makes it easier to find good juggling. Also you can save stuff to 'watch later', make your own playlists, submit new videos (the database is far from complete, growing every day).

I'm sharing this with you guys at the Edge first, I hope to do a bigger launch somewhere in 2019 when the website is finished. From then on the front page should always be up to date with the latest and greatest juggling videos on the web. In the meanwhile, I am collecting feedback on the site while also building a bit of a larger video database, everything hand picked and categorised.

I'd love to hear what you think. It's the first time I'm building a website like this, all opinions and suggestions are welcome! Leave them here, or sign up on the website and leave them at the feedback forum. I want to know how I can make this site as useful to others as possible!



Orinoco - - Parent

Fantastic work Daniel. You've managed to integrate the various video platforms seamlessly. That is no mean feat!

I've watched ~15 videos this morning which is more juggling than I've watched all year so that is some good curation too!

What are the nerdy technical details? Is that all done through Wordpress?

Also, when & why did Object Episodes disappear?

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Yay! Watching videos, that's what it's all made for!

Yes, this is Wordpress. I wouldn't have thought that was possible until I looked closer at which is also Wordpress. Most of the video stuff is taken care of by a brilliant video theme and on top of that I run a bunch of plug-ins. This has me a bit scared, because many of these receive regular updates, so one day they might not work together as they do today any more...
On top of that I made loads of tiny modifications, mostly hacking stuff out or making things invisible because that is how far my PHP and CSS knowledge stretches...
The site is not quite as lightweight as the Edge and through all of my plugins and modifications everywhere it's becoming a bit of a mess, so I'm hoping that before something breaks at some point, I can get someone with more expertise than me to have a look and make some suggestions on cleaning it all up.
But first the priority was to get something off the ground as quick as possible so I could work on the more important stuff: Curating videos, and figuring out what would give the best user experience.

Object episodes disappeared in late September or early October. It had been down before so I didn't think much of it at first, but when I contacted Jay he said that it's not coming back, and he didn't take a copy of the database. It cost him too much too much to keep it online and it never was exactly the site he wanted...

Mike Moore - - Parent

Looks excellent! I'm starting to think about what direction to move with my juggling for the next few months, and I'm leaning toward getting caught up on others' cutting edge stuff. I think this will be very helpful, thanks for doing it.

It also strikes me as something that will only become more helpful with time.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I better make sure to upload all the cutting edge stuff then!

Yes, I also think it will become more helpful with time. This is probably a loooong term project if I want it to work....

7b_wizard - - Parent

Okay, I'll be honest: I don't see how this adds to great videos being scattered all over the place on the internet ( on vimeo, facebook, youtube, instagram, which all aren't juggling sites .. and on dead archives, homepages, wherever ).
Is there no hashtags but for what there is given categories ("balls, props, performance, juggling video" etc.)? How, without hashtags and user channels is one supposed to refind a distinct video watched a while or longer ago that one's forgotten to bookmark?
It looks pretty much like a clone of JTV in other colors with less features - why split JTV into two slightly different versions under two different domains, then?

The site looks nice, well done, worked out well, also as far as it is similar to JTV (exept for hashtags and user channels and more categories).

But, hey, maybe I'm wrong, and evolution needs variety to find what survives best.

I just wish we'd have all (!?) juggling videos in one place and easy to refind a distinct video watched before or finding the tricks and pattern and jugglers that one is looking for. JTV could be that place if people would only use the hashtags intelligently tagging most relevant properties to every vid as there were: kind of prop, and prop number, and the juggler(s)' name(s), the kind of video (practise, showact onstage or in manege, outdoor\indoor), passing. JTV has got all features necessary for it to be a juggling video library. I think it could be helpful to have the possibility for any user to add relevant hashtags to any video (and not leave it to the uploading user only); hashtags could then accumulate to better transparency and better finding exactly what you're looking for just like finding books in a library.

[ #JugglingPlatform #VideoPlatform #JTV #Manipeo #JugglingDatabase #JugglingVideoDatabase #VideoDatabase ]

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Heya, thanks for your input :)

Let me answer your two issues one by one:

Hashtags and findability: Having a large database of videos was an afterthought, something to kickstart the site with. Most importantly I wanted to help people to find what comes out NOW, and feature that on the front page in various ways. I personally don't enjoy scrolling facebook to find new videos, and youtube would never recommend me juggling videos (still not even after watching about 2000 of them in one month whilst creating this site)
That being said, it would be great to make videos easier to find, however I don't know how. A tag system is in place on Manipeo, intentionally mostly hidden out of sight. All tags that videos had on YouTube or Vimeo are copied to the Manipeo database, just like the video descriptions. If you search for a video using the Manipeo search function, it will look in descriptions, titles and tags. You can see the most popular tags on this page:
However, to manually tag 1000+ videos is impossible for me. I originally intended to start putting useful tags on new uploads, but even those take too much effort. I am very tempted now to put any new video I find on the site straight away because it takes me only 5 seconds. Having to watch the whole video and then decide intelligently about what tags to put on would increase this effort in such a way that I would probably loose interest soon. Should someone else be willing to tag some videos in a way that makes sense I'd happily give them the tools to do so.
In the meanwhile, Manipeo is designed to help you find new videos which you might find interesting, not to re-find old ones.

On top of that there are extra tools such as 'save to playlist, watch later' to help you 'bookmark'.

As for JTV: I agree, in an ideal world there might not be need for Manipeo, and instead JTV would embed juggling videos from other sources just like Manipeo does. However, instead of asking the JTV peeps to do even more work than they've done so far, I figured it would be better for me to do my own project independently. Should JTV want to collaborate in some way I'd be happy to, and I'd encourage them (or anyone really) to attempt the same thing I have, and do it better. Until Manipeo becomes redundant, I'll try to keep on serving the latest juggling videos on the front page, and help my audience to find the videos they like.

I'd love to know more about what you think about Manipeo, as I do enjoy making this website as useful for others as possible.

7b_wizard - - Parent

embed juggling videos from other sources .. oh, that went past me (only saw the "instagram" in main menu drop down and thought that couldn't be it.

Okay, there  i s  hashtags then. Hm. Okay.

Should someone else be willing to tag some videos in a way that makes sense I'd happily give them the tools to do so. Yeah, that should be standard feature or option or possible for any (accredited \registered) user, also on JTV, I plead.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

What do you mean you saw 'instagram'? There is currently no instagram content being embeded on the site, one of the reasons being that instagram makes it impossible to do this in a format which I find appealing.

When you submit a video to Manipeo, you have the option to add tags, so that is a standard feature. I will not allow anyone to randomly add/remove tags to other videos, developing a system that keeps track of who tags what is not worth the hassle and if someone is truly motivated to help categorize the video library they are welcome to contact me. I've received a number of requests for extra categories, but nobody themselves wants to put in the work to recategorize or tag etc, including myself.

7b_wizard - - Parent

What do you mean you saw 'instagram'?
errh .. complicated: I read what Orin said:
You've managed to integrate the various video platforms seamlessly
and what you said: on the front page [..] with the latest and greatest juggling videos on the web.,
but didn't find anything about this feature ( or better even, as I know now: this main intent of manipeo ), but for an entry "instagram" in the dropdown menu "resources", I think, on the manipeo main page ( which seems to meanwhile have disappered or it's somewhere else ). So, that made me assume, this, "instagram" was what was meant with "other sites embedded", ( even though that wouldn't have fully matched "various platforms integrated" ). It doesn't anywhere explicitly read: "Manipeo collects \gathers videos from various platforms." ( only somewhere, half-hidden, on the "about"-page:
With this site, at least for my juggling stuff, I can collect all of my favorites and playlists in one place. ),
so I didn't understand that at first. Guess, it must be in the word "featured", which probably makes it selfexplaining. However, ..

so, yeah, this is then very different to JTV. Downright a meta platform.

7b_wizard - - Parent

There is currently no instagram content being embeded on the site, [..] that instagram makes it impossible to do this [..]
I watched some insta-vids finding their direct link ( °mp4 or °.mpeg or °swf, i think ), in the html-source-code ( it can then be viewed with a corresponding standard media player ). Maybe(?) that's a way to include them on manipeo.

Orinoco - - Parent

Hold on, let's give this a go...

Orinoco - - Parent

For those with embedded videos turned on that ↑ should be embedded (you will probably need to clear your cache for it to work if it doesn't already). The video will only play once, clicking to replay will take you to Instagram, but I think is pretty reasonable.

To do that I'm simply replacing:


<div><iframe width="750" height="750" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

The Void - - Parent

Love that word "should". :-) See Meta.

7b_wizard - - Parent


Got me a direct link to the video in firefox new tab. ( But it got me an "URL signature mismatch"-error using it without the bandworm after ".mp4". )

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Because I know some of you love, here is a playlist with some of the best jTV exclusive (non historical) content I was able to find!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

That was definitely not what I posted. Let's try again

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Oriiiiiin, your auto 'jtv becomes a link' thingy broke my posts :'(

Orinoco - - Parent

Don't know what you are talking about...

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thanks, now I'll just have to live with 'people thinking I'm crazy' for the rest of time ;).

John Shearing -

History of More Balls Than Most (the original 80s UK company), from hereon MBTM.


I am trying to find a little (or lot) about the original company which sold nicely packaged juggling ball sets in Covent Garden in the 1980s. I've done a Google search without finding much.

From what I've heard the company was founded by a group of bankers who knew nothing about juggling which might help to explain the company's demise in mysterious circumstances (?).

I know friends who worked for the company. One told a story about how a best 5 ball trick competition was held to determine who would fly to New York for some work (sounds about right for a juggling company).

I should make it clear I'm not talking about MBTM Giftware which I understand rose from the ashes of the company.

Also, I have no idea how the current company of the same name is related to the original (probably by name only).

MBTM did have some great marketing and brand presence. I can remember their fantastic range of clothing (t-shirts and hoodies) and the video they produced (wish I still had it).

Thanks in advance for any information.

Little Paul - - Parent

I’m not able to check at the moment, but I’m pretty sure there’s an article in the Catch about MBTM?

Devilstick Pete also has an amusing related annecdote about his “More Bollocks Than Anyone” T-shirt

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

*Peat - he was part of Team Peat before the others were even a twinkle in Chris' and Irene's eyes :D

I'm really struggling to remember any details about MBTM. Apart from those awful gigs in Boots that they paid thruppence ha'penny for, and seemed to think it was riches. I still bloody remember those buggers.

But wasn't there someone called Steve something, who used to be a chef at The Savoy? And was it MBTM who became embroiled in a silly argument about bullying the market for juggling props, that led to an announcement being printed and distributed somewhere like Leeds '93? That was some IJA-level controversy. Oh no, wait, it wasn't. Nobody got arrested, threatened, sued, libelled, or ejected from the building.

JonPeat - - Parent


John Shearing - - Parent

Love it.

I do seem to remember hearing the anecdote from Devilstick Peat.

John Shearing - - Parent

And IIRC someone scanned all copies of The Catch and I have the file somewhere.

Orinoco - - Parent

Everybody has the scanned copies of The Catch:

Thanks Mike!

barnesy - - Parent

Here's the Dutch company that is MBTM:

I think it has a lot to do with Dave (Spotlight) Marchant. I remember him talking about it anyway but I forget details.

barnesy - - Parent

Now I bother to read the rest of your post I see you probably knew about the current company!

It's Him - - Parent

From a half remembered conversation about 10 years ago I believe that Higgins Brothers in Canada were started by somebody who was involved with MBTM. You could try asking them for more information.


John Shearing - - Parent

Thanks Nigel.

Cedric Lackpot -

Circus stereographs and anaglyphs

For your pleasure, a geeky article concerning circus folk which I hope will be interesting.

The Void - - Parent

How much do we have to pay you for the link?

Orinoco - - Parent

Nice collection!

In other news, I now know what an anaglyph is.

The Void -

Erik Åberg's Ghostkube kickstarter is off and running. Funky manipulation-cube-structures.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

That is gorgeous. I'd love to see some of the talented manipulators in our community do something special with that!

Mike Moore - - Parent

Beat me to it. Best ghostcube video so far, IMO.

Orinoco - - Parent

Awesome. Congratulations to Erik on a very successful Kickstarter. Looks like it reached it's funding goal in a matter of hours & is almost 6x the original goal 3 days after launch! All the backers seem to have gone for the really high tiers too which is impressive.

I look forward to Erik becoming a millionaire when a big chain store picks this up for next year's Christmas toy.

Topper -

I'm sad to have to say that after just over 26 years that next Tuesday the 18th of December will be the last meeting of the Tunbridge Wells Juggling Club. This is due to lack of numbers.

Little Paul - - Parent

Oh no! Another one goes :(

The Void - - Parent

Aw, shame, sorry to hear that.

Adam Hellman - - Parent

That sucks I wish it were close to me because I would go

Orinoco - - Parent

This is awful news.

I'm really sorry I haven't been there to support it these past couple of years.

Running the club for 26 years is an amazing achievement. Thanks for everything.

I'll see you Tuesday.

John Shearing - - Parent

Last call for the last ever Tunbridge Wells Juggling Club at St Dunstan's Church Hall, London Road, Southborough, Kent, TN4 0QA.

It's tonight (Tuesday) from 1930 to 2130.

So cancel whatever else you're doing tonight with the reason you've found something better.

Bring toys, friends, party food and drink and yourself. The first four items in the previous sentence are optional.

We'll make history.

Mïark - - Parent

I am sorry to hear this, I have enjoyed reading the regular news updates from TWJC over the years and even visiting the club on one occasion. Hopefully we will still see the members of TWJC at future juggling conventions.


Orinoco -

UK, BBC4 9pm to 10pm Daredevils And Divas: A Night At The Circus

This is your er... 7 minute warning.

John R - - Parent

Watched it, thought it was pretty good. Also think I spotted a Sam Goodburn in the closing montage?

Orinoco - - Parent

Sam was the second featured artist at the start of the show! He got quite a lot of talking head time, they showed much of his getting dressed on a unicycle routine plus his finale of cycling across a row of wine glasses.

I enjoyed it too. Nice to see some familiar faces: Sam, the Gandinis & Ockham's Razor. Was Tweedy the clown the same Tweedy we saw at BJC 2002? It was a well put together programme with lots of variety & a decent performance:talky bit ratio.

I was also impressed by acrobat Dergin Tokmak from Extraordinary Bodies and tight rope walkers Chris Bullzini and Johanne Humblet from Cirque Bijou who I'd never seen before.

Well worth looking out for a repeat or watching on iPlayer if you missed it.

John R - - Parent

The secret is out - we only caught the last two-thirds! Watching the first 20 minutes now...

Dee - - Parent

I've also saved it on box of broadcasts, so will have the ability to view it (online) for as long as I remain in UK academia.

The Void - - Parent

Two clips are on JTV:

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Thanks! :D

Orinoco -

RIP Ricky Jay

Not sure I could pick a favourite video:

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

I'm not sure why, but I find the shell game very frustrating. Jay's shell game is much more satisfying to watch with ball tracking:

Little Paul - - Parent

I find that much more frustrating as I’m pretty sure it’s wrong

Little Paul - - Parent

Having rewatched the original, it’s definitely wrong. So very wrong! Whoever made that gif has no idea what’s going on there

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Link to source (2:05)

I made this GIF. How does the ball get there?

Little Paul - - Parent

As it’s a classic of magic, I don’t mind tipping you the secret phrase “chop cup”

Little Paul - - Parent

I wonder what that’s going to do to the value of “cards as weapons”

John R - - Parent

New Yorker profile from 25 years ago:

Dee -

European Juggling Convention 2019

FYI: phase 1 tickets for #EJC2019 are scheduled to go on sale at 20:00 GMT (UTC) tonight. Ticket price information etc is here - that link will also link onto the European Juggling Association ticket sales system once it goes live.

Orinoco - - Parent

Who's system?

The Void - - Parent

Is it the band System Of A Down?

Dee - - Parent

Didn't want people confused when routed to something that had EJA on it (has caused confusion in the past!)Hope its running smoothly. Ta muchly.

Mike Moore - - Parent

After purchasing, is there any kind of refund/transfer system? I think there's about an 80 % chance I'll be able to make it. I'd rather have non-action pushing me to go...but at the same time I'd want a way out of something comes up in April (my life will have a lot of volatility in March-April).

Maria - - Parent

Tickets can be transferred for a 10% transfer fee (paid by the recipient). You'll need to e-mail the EJA in that case. (One point in the EJA terms and conditions might indicate that it has to be done at least 14 days before the event.)

Mike Moore - - Parent

Great, thanks!

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Does anyone involved have any idea yet of the time or length of the gala show? It would be useful information when deciding whether to choose afternoon or evening when I'm buying my tickets.

Dee - - Parent

I'm chasing this up with the show producers. I'll try to get back asap on approximate estimated duration (and times).

There will be gala ticket swop "workshops" during the EJC. Typically, it has been easier to swop late tickets for early tickets, but I can't guarantee that this year, as more people may have to leave on Saturday evening to make flights etc.

Dee - - Parent

Information about the length of gala show: approximate duration 2 hours.

Am currently trying to get more information about plans for start times.

Dee - - Parent

The current plan, subject to change, is for the second show to start about 8ish - team members don't want it running that late at the end of a long week.

The timings haven't been finalised, hence for the vagueness on the ticket sales site as we didn't want to cause confusion by changing times!

Remember that there will always be the option to participate in the on-site ticket swop workshop.

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Thanks Dee. I didn't really expect the details to have been finalised yet, but that's at least a starting point to discuss with the family before I book.

Dee - - Parent

A quick reminder that the first phase of #EJC2019 pre-registration runs until December 07 2018.

Ticket prices and more information are here

Paying by bank transfer means that all of the funds go to the EJC, but as that option is more expensive for some people, there is also the option to pay by card (via PayPal).

Mike Moore - - Parent

Registered for my first EJC! Eeeeeee

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