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christhejuggler -

i am looking around for advice on how to juggle seven balls because at our juggling club in germany we are talking about that every week and i would like to collect ideas and to offer advice as well. when i started working on seven about 1.5 years ago i was struggling with 6 balls (record: about 40 catches) but already started juggling 7. i worked my way up to 120 catches (record!) with 7 balls about half a year ago. and then it started getting way too boring for me. i was asking others and they told me that its good to try tricks with 6 and 7 no matter if aou get them or not. so i tried this with 6 balls and did 75, halfshower, sync fountain, wimpy but it was no fun at all because i did not like the fountain pattern. so i tried the same thing with seven although i was usually just getting about 20-30 catches before everything was falling apart. i was attmepting lots of 7 up 360 and although i never completed one of them my seven became twice as stable in just three days (3 hours per day)! and i was able to get 50-70 catches in a clean pattern. and since then also my six balls feels a lot easier although i did not really practice it. my basic patterns are not perfect but i can pull of 100 catches with 7 every time now and 5 up 360s as well.

what do aou think?what is the best way to learn 6/7 balls?


Mats1 - - Parent

When I practice 9, I always feel that 7 gets better. So I would recommend practicing 9 to anyone with a decent 7 pattern who wants to improve. You are pretty far ahead of me on 7 though, so my advice could be rubbish to you.

christhejuggler - - Parent

i just tried nine balls a few times but i got frustrated cause my hands seem to be to small to get the first two balls out of my right :(

Mats1 - - Parent

Get some smaller balls?

Little Paul - - Parent

Or work on your release separately?

Not every problem is the equipment

varkor - - Parent

How can you say that? Everyone knows the only reason Gatto is the best juggler is because he uses the best clubs. How else would he be so good? Novices only start off bad because they haven't bought the good props yet. It's pretty much a fact of life.

Little Paul - - Parent

You've just reminded me how long it's been since I saw a "What balls does Anthony Gatto use? I want to get the same ones so I can be as good as him!" thread.

Quite how AG got as good at juggling as he did when working with such awful equipment is a testament to how important technique is.

christhejuggler - - Parent

thats a good idea :) thx
but i normally put the fourth one on top of the other three so where should i place the last ball in the right?

Little Paul - - Parent

Steven Ragatz has a set of photos which show a lot of the most common options for holding/launching up to 5 balls from one hand:

I'm pretty sure that last time this came up though, people came up with a few more options as well.

christhejuggler - - Parent

thanks i will go to practice now
lets see if i can do a flash

Roflcopter - - Parent

Well this is coming from somebody that is still making final touches on their five ball cascade but it sounds to me like you've pretty much learned it. I mean if you can get 100 catches every time then all you gotta do is keep at it. I guess? Like I said I wouldn't know but you sound pretty good to me.

christhejuggler - - Parent

for me it is important to teach others how to juggle and to collect some good advice

i am still thinking that motivation is the most important one of all :)

also i wont practice 9 balls i think, its just not that much fun

7b_wizard - - Parent

Don't know about the best way .. but I found out, that compared to a 5b cascade where you throw the next ball when the precedent ball from the other hand is almost at its highest point, so that you're aiming sort of 'behind' that last ball, .. it is different with 7b cascade: the precedent ball from the other hand is still in upward movement and you can aim your next ball in front of that one !
Not knowing this is a possible source for irritation when finding into the pattern and trying as being accustomed to from 5b cascade - if that's where you're coming from - can hinder you to throw in front of last ball and disturb your pattern early.
.. but many faults are possible with 7b casc and it depends on individual approach, skills and technique pupil uses ..


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