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momo -

Information about juggling conventions.

I am really happy for the events page at juggling edge. Information is openly available.

I m not so happy when orgas are using closed plattforms out of their control to organize a convention. Why is information of the coming EJC only available on Facebook? Why do some conventions only inform via,, It excludes people who do not want to have an account there. This is something that makes me very unhappy.


Mini - - Parent

it is not hard to create accounts on those networks.

as an old event org it would frustrate me that i could never add my event to the 100,000,000 platforms lol.

If people do not want to join platforms where information is held, what do you advise?

momo - - Parent

I would expect somebody to hold an event to host their own website and provide information about the event there and not in those data silos.

Little Paul - - Parent

Blimey! Now there’s a name I’ve not seen in a while!

I hope you’re well old chap 😀

Ewano - - Parent

Oh well, if we are doing the "I've not posted in for ever" dance - howdy guys..

On a non juggling related matter - local steam railway museaum has the 3rd oldest steam train in existance:

Mïark - - Parent

I wonder why they were called Billy or Dilly, is that a NorthEastern thing?

7b_wizard - - Parent

That's the one that Lucky Luke got the Daltons with.

Tufty - - Parent

It might not be hard to create accounts on "those networks", but there are those of us who wish to remain off them entirely. Remember, if it's a commercial concern, and what they are providing is free, the product is you.

That aside, instead of having one site and a bunch of fire-and-forget links posted to "the 100,000 platforms lol", you now have a bunch of posts on "100,000 social media platforms lol" that you are going to be expected to reply to. And hopefully a central site that you can maintain, or you have independent posts on "100,000 social media platforms lol" that you're going to have to maintain. Or you restrict it to one, but then you're restricting your membership. Facebook? Only old geezers on there. TikTok? Only teenagers and millennials. TwitterX? The same nazis you'll find on Truth and Gab. Instagram, etc etc etc.

Obviously it's a good idea for an organiser to use those networks, but they're more work IMO. And you won't reach people like me who refuse to even have a mobile phone.

david - - Parent

Absolutely Tuffy! You’re not the only one without a mobile. Anyone can set up a website for free at or elsewhere and then advertise it on the SM website of your taste. I suggest you also post it on jugglingedge and put a link to the events page on your website for the rest of the world. The edge has the best list ever.

Mini - - Parent

The very best place for information to be, is the place the most people will read it.

At the moment, that means social media networks.

there will always be some outliers who done use them. there are folk who still dont use the internet at all.

but as an organiser, the effort spend chasing those outliers to solicit half a dozen additional tickets was simply never worth the effort.

I am self employed, have a website, and have social media accounts for my business, i can say with no doubts i would starve if i had to rely on the website for clients, (linkedin is my income provider these days)

a website rarely allows customers to chat/discuss a product etc, there are forums that can be integrated, and again as an oganiser the effort maintaining those, keeping them spam free etc is huge.

you are right though an event should have a website, with the relevant info on there, but the social media networks are simply better for getting information out to the majority of customers.

Tufty - - Parent

I'm not suggesting that event organisers shouldn't use the social networks. That would be utterly stupid. What I'm saying is that "the socialz", or worse, one social network in particular, should not be the only means of access to information. Anyone who was hypothetically relying on twatter, for example, would now be somewhat buggered.

FWIW, the information on the EJC is not solely available via farcebook. However, is badly ranked on Google and without specifying the year in your query, it's roundly beaten out by last year's convention.


Maria - - Parent

Ideally information should be available outside of social media. I wouldn't assume that everyone has the knowledge needed to create a website, though. (I don't. I could probably learn how to do it, but it would take some time.) Then you would have to host it somewhere, which I assume isn't free. For big events like the EJC I assume the cost is negligible, but for smaller events with a low budget (or no budget) it might not be. And you need someone who knows how to do it, keep in mind that most events are organized by volunteers.

Now, making a website that has a good ranking on Google... That complicates it even more.

Giocoleria da diporto - - Parent

TwitterX? The same nazis you'll find on Truth and Gab.

To find gangrenous communists where should I go instead?

you won't reach people like me who refuse to even have a mobile phone.

Is the problem any signal that a device you own can emit, which allows someone else to have some information about you?
I mean, do you accept the radio?

Just joking! 😀

7b_wizard - - Parent

Agreed to Tufty, and - like momo implied - here on The Edge the infos are free to any passerby.


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