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Off-topic, Off-Grid.

Since Marvin isn't exactly overburdened with links to collate these days, and since one definition of juggling is "what jugglers do", I thought I'd throw one into the ring. Me and Dave have started a podcast called Off-Grid, The Not-Really-About Crosswords Podcast. "So, what *is* it about then?", I hear you clamour. Well, the idea is that topics will get thrown up from crosswords we've solved, so it could turn out to be anything. If you fancy a dabble, we made a quick taster Episode 0 (15 mins) here: to give you the idea. No crossword expertise required. Follow the links for further episodes with a guest. Episode 4 coming this Sunday. Raveview, recribe, subscrate, etc etc.


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Episode 7 has some actual juggling content! (Skip to 15:00, if you like.)


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