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Mike Moore -

Line vs Cascade - Tricks of the Month

I made another TotM video! Inverted sprung cascade was the foundation of a good chunk of what brought me to this idea, so I thought it only right that I post another result of that here.

7b_wizard - - Parent


a wonderful setup, wonderful, beautiful and strong patterns and juggling!

you have - over time - accumulated an extremely individual big repertoire.

a'll have to watch it again more than once to understand, 'read' all the patterns right.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Thanks! I enjoy the weird path that I wound up on.

The Void - - Parent

Nice! I enjoyed watching that and mostly not knowing what was going on. ;-)
Bonus points for kiwi cushion and periodic blanket.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Thanks! The kiwi cushion was purchased en route to a juggling festival after the realization that I forgot mine at home. It was on sale at the restaurant we stopped in just before arriving. Such service!

Tufty - - Parent

Lovely. Some pretty insane stuff there.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Thank you!


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