In 2007 - Colin E sent me (by jugglermail)

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Little Paul -

In 2007 - Colin E sent me (by jugglermail) a carrier bag containing a load of broken Renegade 95s, the intention was that I was going to fix as many of them as I could while videoing the process so I could post about it on rec.juggling.

14 years later, I've pulled my finger out and looked in the bag.

I've been able to make 3 good ones (the rest were too knackered to rescue) - but I couldn't be bothered to make the video.

Just thought I'd mention it, in case Colin still reads JE and was wondering if I'd ever done anything with them!

The Void - - Parent

Ha! Amazing. Nice to know the aftermath of jugglermail can be as leisurely as jugglermail itself.

Little Paul - - Parent

It’ll probably take me another 14 years to get around to juggling them or anything...

Colin E. - - Parent

Wow, great to hear that you kept hold of them and were able to do something useful with the bits.

I remember being massively disappointed with those clubs. Anthony Gatto uses them so they must be awesome? right? Surely if I ditched my Henrys and opted for Renegades instead I'd be just like those muscly American jugglers, throwing large numbers of objects into the air. Gatto, Nations, Garfield and co.

However, the handles were hard and horrible, bruising my hands. The knobs sheared off after just a few backcrosses, and the dowels broke.

Oh yes, and they didn't magically make me any better at juggling.

Afterwards I opted for Henry's Delphin and was happy with them ever since. (Toby used to fling 7 off them in the air with ease, so surely they are magic too?)


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