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David Bremner -

Training practice
I have been going for time catch records recently and was pondering a couple of things.
1. Focal Length. Where do you focus? eg On the balls / clubs (very short! - nearly crosseyed. Do you intentionally change your focus length?
2. How do you time / count your sessions? I did 1000 3 ball cascade catches and it was prob near 1200 by the time I lost concentration on the numbers a few times
3. Any advice on training for 'endurance' records, such as 3 club / ball cascades. btw, not looking at world records, just personal - I am 49 and brew my own beer!

Nick Huxley - - Parent

Hi David,

don't count. If you have to count then only 1 side and double it. Use tricks like going 1,2,3,..9,10,1,2,3..9,20.
You will start to drop if you are going 356, 357 etc. I always, always drop at significant number boundaries. It is actually quite funny. I can run a pattern for a while and then start counting and I still always drop at 198 even though I have done more throws that that due to the non counting part. Use a timer instead or listen to albums and use the tracks to time it instead.

I drop when I get bored as well so think about altering what you are doing a bit. Pushing the throws slightly high er over time can help especially if you need to correct due to a slight technique error that becomes apparent after a lot of throws. Or stand on one leg for a bit and then the other.

Practice looking through the pattern instead of at it and changing your focus a bit. If you are feeling vein then juggle in front of a mirror and look at yourself. I'm bad at this as when I am not club passing I tend to just zone in on the peaks or crossing points.

Hope some of that is helpful


David Bremner - - Parent

I juggle 90% outside so plenty of things to look at to change my focal length. I think for records I will time, just as long as I remember when I started! I can always try counting, but after 1000 there is probably no need. I haven't used a mirror but I will turn to watch my shadow (esp as the sun is setting). Did 8min of 3 ball cascade tonight - was put off my a flock of starlings flying just in front of me. I get bored inside :-)

Tufty - - Parent

> If you have to count then only 1 side and double it. Use tricks like going 1,2,3,..9,10,1,2,3..9,20.

That's what I do. I count in blocks of 50 (one side only, so 100 throws), but that said the only thing I've been counting recently was 5 balls, I've been trying to do at least one run of 200 throws per day. the rest I can't be arsed with counting, it sounds like work :)

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi, I count sets of 4 pairs of throws, 20 sets. then in blocks of those latter.
.. like, for 100 throws, I need 12 sets ( of 8 t = 96 throws ) plus 2 more pairs.

.. for 500 throws, I need 3 blocks = 60 sets ( of 8 t = 480 t ) plus 2 more sets ( + 16 t = 496 t ) plus 2 more pairs.

For speedy stuff, I sometimed count sets of 3 pairs of throws.

Sometimes I don't ( or try to not ) count.

go higher \ stand on one leg andor slightly sway weighting left foot right foot. maybe step back 'n forth a bit.

Then, mentally, to prevent concentration gaps, I sometimes imagine doing sth that doesn't stop, like being on a journey on the ocean or on train along endless birchwoods and still having a long part to go, or like jogging up an endless flat stairs with like two or three footsteps per stairsstep, or like making the tour of a zoo .. evtl plus on a camel's back ..
evtl plus kids around eager to witness me drop, or alike. you know ;oD

David Bremner - - Parent

Standing on one leg is good for balance, I can't do it for long, but try most days.
Your counting system is too complex for me, I am going the timing method :-)


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