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barnesy -

Siteswap Explorer app

My free juggling app Siteswap Explorer for iPhone and iPad has just gone live on the App Store.
Get it here:

Sorry Android/web app fans: I wanted an Apple app project. Other platforms aren’t on my radar at the moment!

The app is all about using siteswap rules to derive other siteswaps. You don’t type stuff in, you just press buttons to manipulate the numbers. The app will only give you the buttons that apply to the current siteswap. There are no wrong answers: you can just tap around whether you understand the theory or not!

Here's a quick video of some of the app's features in action:

The app’s very much a work in progress. It does most of the things I initially wanted it to do but I have a big list of things to add and improve. A more immediate and intuitive user interface for swaps is high on that list! It would be great for me to get some feedback, which may help to steer me on the next changes.

The app can do the following operations...

From buttons on the main screen:
- add an object by adding 1 to all throws
- subtract an object by subtracting 1 from all throws
- increase a throw by adding the siteswap’s period to it, so you get something like the last pattern but with an extra ball popping out
- decrease by period (reverse of that)
- delete a throw
- extend the period by inserting another number (the number of objects) at the last possible valid position (e.g. 5353 becomes 53534)
- undo each step

The throw menu (click a number to get there) repeats the throw related operations but with an added ‘look before you leap’: each option shows what siteswap it will produce. It also gives a little more control:
- you can choose where to insert another throw, so for the insertion example above, 53453 becomes reachable.
- swapping. So for example swapping the first 3 of 333 by 2 places to get 531.

The siteswap menu (top right) does stuff to the whole siteswap:
- add object
- subtract object
- double (e.g. 534 becomes 534534)
- halve (e.g. 534534 becomes 534)
- dual
- time reverse
- showerify
- make one handed
- make two handed
- reset to default (333)

Each of those options only show up when they would produce a new and different siteswap and when the app can display that many characters.

Siteswap length is currently limited by screen width. On the smallest devices that’ll be 9 characters.

This first version requires iOS 11 or newer. If that’s too newfangled for anyone who would otherwise have wanted the app please tell me. iOS 11 is a nice limit for me because the code needs no OS version checks. But I can consider supporting some older versions if there’s demand.

The animator uses JMLib from good old JuggleMaster. Thanks for that to Ken Matsuoka, Per Johan Groland and Chunky Kibbles. Yes, the 1s are huge.

Nick Huxley - - Parent

That sounds cool. Annoyingly I only have Android as you know. I am curious to see your app coding skills.

barnesy - - Parent

Nick! Good to hear from you. Hope things are as good over there as wacky times allow.

The app coding skills seem to be doing OK. The 'oh crap, this is what happens when you don't get pretty designs handed to you any more' skills less so.

BasB - - Parent

Cool, it works well, thank you. Have explored just a bit so far, and havent found any serious issues. I particularly like the option to showerify :) Perhaps for a next version: even on iphone 11 the arrow buttons are a little small.

barnesy - - Parent

Thanks, nice feedback.

Would making the buttons more square (so taller) be enough to fix that? I'm hoping to not have to make those cells any wider! I haven't been able to test on many physical devices. Guess I'll have to try making my simulator window 'actual size'!

A new version is in the works with colour options (single/multi/orbit), a hopefully understandable (and understood) new UI for swaps, and maybe a few more options based on extending numeric sequences.

barnesy - - Parent

Which removes me that I have a semantics question. I want to replace the 'double' and 'halve' operations.

Instead of 'double' I want to have a button which would turn 534 into 534534 or to 534534534 if clicked again etc. It would append the shortest form of the siteswap.

And the other operation would make the siteswap as sort as possible.

Is there an accepted short (one word) description for those? Not sure if my guesses would match what others expect.

Extend? Lengthen?
Shorten? Reduce? Compress?

barnesy - - Parent

Reminds. Pesky lack of edit/proofreading.

Orinoco - - Parent

+cycle / -cycle?

barnesy - - Parent

Of course! Thanks.

The Void - - Parent


barnesy - - Parent

Just released an update with a fix for the bug with swapping, new colour modes (multi and by orbit) and a few other bits.


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